Welcome to Souls-Between! A magical  Art Roleplaying Game (ARPG) where dragon's fly high and characters flourish! 


Souls-Between is an ARPG where players are encouraged to create their own lore, grow their characters, and be part of the world lore. Many of activities are built to lend a hand in your lore crafting and to create ease of use! 

We've moved to a new website (you're here!) and are using Lorekeeper as our infrustructure. We are still present on DeviantArt and wish to continue fostering a community there as well, as not everything we have to offer for the group is available through Lorekeeper systems yet, as well as continuing to build an audience of dragon lovers! However, we intend to move many systems to our site, as we feel it's the best option in light of DeviantArt Eclipse's changes to the site. Having an account here is essential to playing the game, however for those who wish not to play anymore/do not play anymore but wish to sell/trade their in game property, we will have an option for you on DeviantArt! 


Credits and Thank yous 

We strive to credit all of our artists and staff! Retired staff can be found with their special role and all artwork/coding on the site is credited to the authors. 

A special thanks to: 

Draginraptor for helping us set up and make Lorekeeper our very own home! 


Need to Contact Us? 

You can contact us via Discord or email at for any questions you might have! Alternative avenues include: 

- Our DeviantArt Group 


Sometimes our admins need a break! We call these group closures. There are three kinds of group closures:
◆ Scheduled Monthly 
◆ Holiday 
◆ Emergency

Holiday Closures 
Holiday closures follow the United States holidays. However, admins are encouraged to take the days of their native holidays off from work. We recognize these holidays both in religion and country traditions. There is never a penalty for these. 

The following are the scheduled holidays where admins are not mandated to do any work: 
  1. December 23th - January 2
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Easter
  4. July 4th
  5. September 4th 
  6. Veteran's Day 
  7. November 23 - December 2
Emergency Closures
Emergency closures occur at the needs of the group. They are announced in advance if possible. Certain things can cause an emergency closure such as: 
  1. Needed updates to guides or mechanics 
  2. Massive backlogs that must be worked through 
  3. Sudden real-world tragedies that affect our admins or group [usually not announced in advanced due to nature]
Emergency closures will always have an end date. All activities and requests may be posted unless the emergency closure falls on a season closure.