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Genetics Portal

Welcome to the Genetics Portal! This is the main page of our genetics handguide. You will find links to all necessary documentations on the genes and traits of our dragons here! To view markings, click on the marking rarity names which will open a menu that shows you the different markings!

In addition, we've made many new changes to our guides and how markings work. We hope you have a fun time designing your dragons!

Free marks have been expanded! Add these to the free marks section of your design submission if you use them! Free markings do not get added to the genotype, and cannot be passed to offspring. They are simply design enhancers, used to make designs more interesting, or unique. You can use none, or all of them, or any combination!

  • Legendary Markings are from special starters. These markings can only be added with Legendary vouchers or from nesting. They do not drop in eggs.

  • Genotype color mutations are non passable except for Agouti and Radiance.