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Created: 30 June 2021, 10:02:58 CDT
Last updated: 30 June 2021, 23:18:59 CDT
What is Refer a Friend? 

Refer a friend is the process of well, referring your friends! Invite your friends to join and play Souls-Between and you both receive rewards! 

What counts as a referral? 

A referral counts if your friend joins the dA group (optional), and creates an account on the website!  You don't have to join the group on dA, but you do need to make and validate your account on the website using your dA! You'll be prompted to do so if you try to view your settings. 

You can invite as many people as you want, but they need to be valid users with accounts on dA. Making throw away accounts to achieve this will only get you warnings and bans! Don't cheat - invite your friends!


Yes! You both receive rewards if your friend joins! 

The referrer receives: 

  • A nitro box 

The New player receives:

  • A nitro box
  • The boxes in the Dragon's Gift shop! 
So how do I refer my friends? 

You can invite them directly and have them sign up - it's free! You can also post journals and statuses to dA or other websites, but make note you only get the rewards if you have friends join. 

If your friend joins, post a comment to this page and have them reply to you! Then you both submit a claim titled "Refer a friend -Referer" for you, and "Refer a friend - New Player" for your friend! In the description, put the link to the comments you both made! 

A staff member will review your claim and distribute rewards! 


For new players, be sure to check out the Adoption_Center for getting your first dragon, or the community as many people have dragons for trade and sale! 



Faust Avatar
Faust Staff Member

Referring a friend!

2022-02-09 18:04:59

RoseyVaporeon Avatar

im the friend!

2022-02-09 18:05:24

Thundercat Avatar

Thank you for your referral, and welcome to Souls!
Your gifts have been sent!

2022-02-10 00:07:20

Kagancowa Avatar

Referring my friend <3

2022-02-07 16:28:26

Jaylicious Avatar

I'm the friend :D

2022-02-07 16:29:13

Thundercat Avatar

Hey, guys! Make sure you submit your claims to get your rewards!
Both of you have to submit one, as the referrer and referee. <3

2022-02-10 00:07:55

Chebe Avatar

Referring a Friend ♥

2021-10-17 14:28:13

Tinker Avatar

I am friend! Referred me!

2021-10-17 14:29:38

Thundercat Avatar


2021-10-17 22:11:50

Oreleth Avatar
Oreleth Staff Member

Referring my best friend ♥

2021-10-16 17:51:47

Chebe Avatar

am best friend ♥

2021-10-16 17:55:57

Thundercat Avatar


2021-10-17 12:11:37

Thundercat Avatar

Referring a friend!!

2021-08-30 01:48:19

Thundercat Avatar


2021-08-30 01:56:33

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