Seasonal Sales

Created: 10 September 2020, 18:57:26 CDT
Last updated: 19 July 2021, 14:45:11 CDT

Souls-Between hosts a sale once every season! Each Season is 3 months long with the following schedule:

Winter: December, January, February
Spring: March, April, May
Summer: June, July, August
Fall: September, October, November

Each sale is different and can offer different features like certain species being available, or certain items being available. Below is our ToS on sales and the prices of our items! To find if a sale is up and order, please go to our group page on DeviantArt!

Our prices are subject to change to keep up with our market, these values are reflected here!

The Following Outlines an Agreement between you, the Buyer, and Souls-Between Developer.
◆ Purchase of a custom is an agreement to the ToS and Rules of the group, violating our rules can result in you being banned. However your dragons and items will not be removed from your ownership and most bans can be lifted.
◆ All Payments are final, and no refunds or credits are given in the event you back out of a purchase after money has transacted.
◆ Prices when changed are changed at the discretion of the developers, no refunds of credits are given to previous sales when these prices are changed. These prices are often changed to match the in game market.
◆ Changing your purchase after you have submitted an order is allowed, but the total cost of the purchase cannot go below what you have already paid.
◆ Payment plans are available should you need one, please notify us if you would like a payment plan. We will discuss with you options!
◆ All payment is in USD and done through paypal and as a digital order.
◆ Do not send payments until you have received a reply from a developer, or the admin account.

Purchase of Add Ons to Customs

An Add on refers to additional markings, mutations, traits, or other upgrades that you would place on a custom you are purchasing.
◆ Addons must be used on the custom you purchase in the sale. You cannot purchase add ons to apply to other dragons outside of the sale, such as genos, imports, or older customs you have been saving.
◆ Purchasing extra traits to put on future customs is not allowed as well.
◆ When rarer traits are available they can replace either the uncommon or common trait.
◆ When rarer markings are available they will be added onto the geno and not replace the uncommon marking.
◆ Exception to the Add on rules are breath elixir and skills, which can be applied to genos, customs, and imports.

Loot Boxes and Coins

Loot boxes are available and contain items that you can use in game. Loot boxes are a gamble, and you are guaranteed 4 items out of them. Each loot box has specific items that can appear in them, based on their loot box type.

  • Premium and Aether Loot - $10
  • Design/Nesting/Arena - $5 

Coins have been changed completely, players will now have only One  type of coin! This coin will be called the The Dragon Soul Coin and costs of items will change to reflect this coin's appearance. Instead of having to do math for four types, you will only need to worry about one. Your total Dragon soul coins are calculated based on this: 

  • 1 Diminished = 1 DSC 
  • 1 Weathered = 2 DSC 
  • 1 Brilliant = 3 DSC 
  • 1 Pristine = 4 DSC 

DSC is intended to be a little more prelevant, and behave more like paid/exclusive currency. Obtaining it in the game is the same, but you may notice you get a little bit more of them than before (1 pristine coin, versus now getting multiple DSC). We will be updating a lot of loot tables so that DSC is there, and not our old coins!

DSC price is in a  bundle (like most paid currency) and will continue to be an alternative method to obtaining items in the game, and not a pay to win way of playing the game. We've made efforts to make sure that all items are obtainable for Crystals, and only special items available for both currencies at fair rates.

  • Bundle 1 = 25 Coins - $5
Dragon Eggs

Dragon eggs come in dragon specific eggs as well as complete random eggs. Eggs have the chance to produce twins, and first generation dragons. Eggs that produce twins will never be first generation. Random eggs that are not species specific will not have newly released species for a short time.

Random Eggs

  • Common $5
  • Uncommon $10
  • Rare $20
  • Mysterious $30

Chosen Species Tier I (Bronze | Stalker, Ravager, Warden)

  • Common $10
  • Uncommon $15
  • Rare $25
  • Mysterious $35

Chosen Species Tier II (Silver | Sapiere, Greater Emperor)

  • Common $15
  • Uncommon $20
  • Rare $30
  • Mysterious $40
Starter Slots

Starters are dragons owned by the game that players can get slots to in order to submit nesting requests. All the starters give you a minimum of two eggs in a clutch and go to the player. Starters are broken down into tiers, which can be found on our admin account.

  • Tier 1 (bronze)  $10
  • Tier 2 (Silver) $15
  • Tier 3  (Gold) $20
  • Tier 4  (Platinum) $25
Custom Dragons

A custom dragon is a blank slate that you get to fill out based on the below allowances. Custom dragons are always second generation unless otherwise stated. A first generation dragon means it has no lineage, and are often saved for non-twin eggs, advents, and other special sales. Some dragons may have a mutation called Midnight Sun. These dragons have markings that break the rules, and this mutation is often on advent dragons. Midnight Sun is not a passable mutation. Dragons obtained through nesting are third generation.

Base cost of a Custom
◆ Umber or Haze base coat
◆ Common coat
◆ Timid Temperament
◆ 4 commons markings with 1 Uncommon marking
◆ No mutations or dominant markings, no melanism

Species Base Prices

Older species fall into the bronze tier, newer species fall into the silver tier.  Addons and Upgrades Add ons and upgrades are available in some sales and will be visible for what is available and what is not available.

Bronze Tier Custom :$25

  • Includes all species not found in the silver tier. 

Silver Tier Custom: $35

  • Currently, Sapiere and Greater Emperor species. (10/28/2020)

◆ Temperaments

  • Aggressive $5
  • Calm $15
  • Sinister $20

◆ Base Coat Colors

  • Bronze Tier (Free) - Umber and Haze 
  • Silver Tier ($15) - Ivory, Hazed Umber 
  • Gold Tier ($20) - Haze Ivory, Vanta, Golden
  • Platinum Tier (Not Available outside of special occasions) - Melanistics


◆ Markings

Only one extra marking can be added.

  • Common - $10 
  • Uncommon  - $15 
  • Rare Old -  $30 
  • Mythic - ($45) Not Available outside of special occasions

◆ Coat Types

  • Plated - $15
  • Feathered - $20 
  • Angora - ($40)Not Available outside of special occasions
  • Imperial - ($50) Not Available outside of special occasions

◆Trait Upgrades

Previously you could only change one or the other trait, now you can change both to whatever trait rarity you wish to have.

  • Common - $15 
  • Uncommon - $20 
  • Rare Old - $25 
  • Mythic Old - $30 

◆ Mutations and Radiance

Mutations and radiance will be available more often.

  • Common - $15 
  • Uncommon- $20 
  • Rare - $25 
  • Mythic - $30 

◆ Breath Tonics and Skills

  • Breath $15
  •  Skills $15