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Created: 17 November 2020, 13:30:46 CST
Last updated: 9 October 2023, 14:45:08 CDT
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Joining the Souls Between Staff

Staff is considered a very vital part of how the game runs as these individuals moderate and manage the queues to complete requests, facilitate game play, and help in development choices and designs. Since this is a volunteer position, you are not expected to spend a whole day working, or even a regular schedule working. We simply ask you take time out of your day to work a few requests to keep the queues tidy. In Souls you will see all members of staff not only working with each other but being kind and helpful to each other and with members of the community. We do not expect members of staff to know everything, and encourage you to ask questions and seek help from other staff members when needed/wanted!

When added to Staff, you will be placed in a moderated position during your training time. Once training is completed you will be moved to full Staff. If you join in one department, and decide you want a change or to be able to help in other areas, we allow this flexibility on a case by case basis! 

An NDA is Required to be agreed to when joining our team! This is to protect our intellectual property and to protect the community from spoilers! Breaking this NDA can result in either removal from staff or being banned from the game entirely! Don't worry though, we understand accidents and mistake happen! 

Staff Compensation and expectations

We have a system that will automatically distribute Staff Credit (the in game currency staff can use in Sales and in the staff shop) when a staff member completes a task. This means that outside a few special roles, you will be automatically paid for your work and won't need to wait till payout time. Staff in specialty roles will be paid outside of the automated systems, as well as extra credit.

Here are some of the perks that being on staff reward you: 


  • Awarded Staff credit which can be used in seasonal sales (not auctions however) and in the staff shop 
  • The Staff shop which is stocked with items in the game and designed to not allow staff to have an unfair advantage over players 
  • Access to "Extra credit" rewards, such as advent customs, rewarded items, and more staff credit based on the task completed.
    • Extra credit usually involves something along the following: 
      • Doing a lot of work in a queue that is more than the usually expected/helping clear out a queue back up 
      • Helping with designing starters
      • Helping with cleaning up game content be it items, prompts, etc.
      • Helping with building or updating mechanics
  • Early access and teasers to upcoming game content and events 
Staff Credit Payouts

The below covers all Staff credit rewards per item:

  • Queue tasks are 2 Credit per task. This includes all departments where Prompts, claims, designs, surrenders, transfers and reports come in.
  • Bug Reports requiring attention of coding team are given 2 credits per hour (or per task, whichever is greater).
  • Starter designs are 100 credit per design.
  • Uploaded designs to dA account are 4 credit per upload.

Art Team:

  • Item art ranges 30 credit per item with 15 credit per color or minor variation.
  • Trait/Mutation sketches are 20 credit each, with an extra 15 if lined.
  • Range images are 100 credit per each sheet.
  • Import resketches or otherwise fixes are 30 credit each
  • Background and other misc assets are case by case.

Coding Team:

  • Themes are 150 credit per theme completed.
  • All other coding is by hours and case by case.

Staff Leave

Staff leave is an always free and any-time to use feature we give to staff of any stage. You do not earn or accumulate staff leave, we do not have super strict attendance. Again, this is volunteer! Your life and health outside of volunteering and outside of Souls is very important to us here. Any staff member may take staff leave, which is simply taking a break from work! It can be for emergencies or just to have a little break so that you can rest or play the game and not worry about anything work related. The time frame is up to you, but we do ask you check in and keep us updated with any information you are comfortable sharing. We never need to know why you are taking a break, and will not be upset or judge/reprimand you for playing the game during your leave. We truly believe that no staff member should feel burnt out, and should be allowed to have this time to rest and relax.

Expectations of Staff 

While this is volunteer, there are a few things we do expect from our staff. 

  • Agree and follow the NDA. We want to protect our content and we hope this is something you will do too! 
  • Follow our community guidelines and lead by example! We want to have fair rules that are enforced correctly between all members of the game including staff. 
  • Do not simply coast by and not contribute to the queue work. We all are here to help each other and make this game run smoothly for everyone! 
  • Be honest with yourself when you need a break! Take your staff leave and rest, and don't push yourself too hard. 
  • This is a volunteer job, but we do expect staff to work tasks! Please make sure you are completing tasks pending - even a little bit here and there each day can do a world of wonders! Failure to help out will result in removal from the team. 
General Staff Teams
  • Design and Imports 
    • Reviewing design review / corrections.
    • Reviewing design modifications.
    • (Optional) Assisting in Uploading Impoirts to our dA Admin Account.
  • Nesting and Hatchery
    • Rolling nesting requests.
    • Rolling egg hatches.
    • Creating Genos on site.
  • Prompts and Activities
    • Adoption Center (Surrenders and Adopts) and the Surrender Queue.
    • All Activities and Events.
    • All Non Hatchery/Nesting Prompts.
Specialty Staff Teams
  • Senior Staff
    • Only granted to Staff who go above and beyond in work.
    • Granted via Senior Staff or Developer Suggestion.
    • Assist with feedback on early stages of activities and events.
    • Assist in banning or warning members.
    • Assist in Developer work that can be delegated down to Senior Staff.
  • Art Team
    • Create Game Assets ranging from:
      • Items.
      • Backgrounds.
      • Pets.
      • Imports.
      • Design Guide Images.
      • and more!
  • Coding Team
    • Assists in maintaining code.
    • Assists in making new code for the site.
Staff applicant Requirements

General Requirements: 

  • All Staff must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Discord is a must! 
  • A decent gauge on your availability, please only apply if you can provide time to work tasks reliably. 
  • Ability to locate an answer or ask for help!
  • Willingness to provide feedback and speak up when something is broken, unfair, or could use some TLC!

Conflict Resolution 

  • We Expect all staff members to be able to voice their thoughts and opinions in a polite manner. 
  • Being able to step away from a situation should it become too overwhelming for you. If you are unable to continue in an issue, reach out to Senior Staff or Cryptid for assistance! 

Note: No staff member is EVER expected to take abuse from another staff member or player! If this begins to occur alert Cryptid-Horror immediately so that he can take over the situation. 

Optional Requirements: 

  • A member of the game for at least one to two months.
  • Working knowledge of our activities and game. 
  • Prior ARPG Staff experience.


The following bars you from being a Staff member:

  • Not being 18 years of age or older
  • You are banned from the group or the discord
  • You have been warned for extreme behavior that goes against our group rules.
  • If you are consistently confrontational, hostile and/or aggressive in your encounters with members and staff. 
Current Open Teams
  • Design and Imports
  • Nesting and Hatchery
  • Prompts and Activities
  • Art Team
Application Form

Please submit a claim with the following information filled out. If you are not applying for Design, you may remove the question regarding designs!

General Information: 

  • What is your Discord Username? 
  • What is your Timezone and availability for admin work?
  • Do you understand you have to accept an NDA and that breaking the NDA will terminate your staff status? 

Position Questions: 

  • What Positions are you applying for? (List in order of most wanted to least wanted)
  • Do you have Prior Experience (Optional)?
  • Please list three Designs you have created (Design team ONLY, otherwise remove!):