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Created: 17 November 2020, 13:30:46 CST
Last updated: 11 April 2022, 20:35:54 CDT
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The Staff of Souls-Between are an important aspect to the game, as they are necessary to keep the group running and allow more time for the developers of the game to spend more time on mechanics and content to give to the public. Being part of the dragon family that is Staff comes with responsibilities and rewards, but the overall work involved is rather light when the team works together to keep requests handled! 


The Average Day

We don't expect Staff to work everyday, and we encourage you to take days off and make a schedule for yourself, as well as limit yourself so that you are not doing too much work! Staff has their own discord where they are free to discuss work, life, and bond with the rest of the team at their leisure. Much of the work may seem intimidating or daunting, but in reality we have staff guides and experienced staff members who are more than willing to help you out! Asking questions is encouraged as  we don't expect staff to remember every single part of the game verbatum. 

** Staff is required to do work on a PC/Laptop and in some cases, a Tablet is permitted. We do NOT allow staff to work on a mobile device  -  so applicants confined to a mobile device are not recommended to apply. 


Upon being approved for staff, applicants will be brought on as a "Moderator", they will have the perks of Staff, but will not be given the Staff roll until the end of their trial period. 
All Moderators will be trained for their position by a Developer and/or Senior Staff. . The trial period lasts between TWO to FOUR weeks, after that time, the Developers will invite you to come onto Staff. If you are stuggling in the particular role you've been brought on for, you are allowed to ask to be moved elsewhere. 



Staff Credits and Requirements:


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Each task completed by a staff memeber is worth 2 credits up to the 15th task - this means, if you only do 15 tasks a month, you will get 30 credits.
Tasks OVER 15 is worth 1 credit per task and does not have a limit. So, if you complete 16 tasks, you get 31 credits, and so on. 

Staff is awarded extra credit for completing extra work, such as:

  1. Requests from the Developers for extra duties like imports - you are paid +1 credit per import edited depending on the situation. 
  2. Artwork completed for the group is a case-by-case deal and will be worked out with the Asset Artists. 
  3. Non-sale Advent are case-by-case and should NOT be done without prior permission from the Developers. 
  4. Imports created from scratch, or any large help in making the imports, such as clean up or background variations and are worth 200 credits; these are not permitted without prior permission from the Developers.
  5. Starter designs are worth 20 credits and you will not get the credit for them until they are submitted and approved - claiming a starter does not grant you anything. We will hold claims for one month, you will be approached and asked if more time is needed. After the second month, the claim is released so someone else has the opportunity to design the starter. 
  6. Staff who are invited to create Advents for sales are given a cut of the price at a 60/40 model - where the artist is given the 60% of the sale and the group retains 40% of the remainder. 
    The same is handed out to any guest artists we wish to bring on. 

*The Developers of Souls-Between have also created a tiered bonus system for staff who exceed expectations in their monthly duties. Those acheive this bonus will be messaged directly by Thundercat

Cases of Non-Pay and Situations of Moderation:  Staff is only ever not paid for their work if they have not completed the work. 

With the restructure of our staff teams, everyone should have something they can do, and it should streamline our work processes as well. If you find you haven't been paid, but did do work, please alert a founder, as it might be an error, or a case of missing work logs. ALL work done must be submitted in the Work Log in the Staff Discord server. If work is not logged, then it is treated as a "it didn't happen", this is why we highly encourage staff to claim their work.

If a staff member has consistently low numbers (below 15), despite queues being hightly active, they will be reached out to for discussion to make sure everything is okay on their end, if they need more training, or if staff leave is necessary. Members who continue to have lower numbers, or do no work, and have been spoken to up to 2 times will be placed on a probation period of a month. If on probation, you do no work, you will be spoken to, and on a case by case basis, removed from staff.

We do not punish staff who simply have no work, or who have very sensitive life events that are keeping you from working.

Staff work is logged in a separate spreadsheet and evaluated monthly, for not only amount of work, but for how much credit and extra credit you will receive. 


**At the beginning of the month, the numbers will be posted in the Staff server. 




Staff Leave: 

Staff leave is for those staff members who are needing a break from their staffing positions. 
If a staff member is sick, going through a difficult time, overwhelmed, etc. they may request a staff leave, or they may be requested to take leave by a senior staff member, or a developer.


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While on staff leave, staff members will not have access to the working categories/channels within the staff discord, and will not be permitted access until their leave is over. 
What are the working channels?

  • Design categories. 
  • Prompt categories. 
  • Nesting categories. 
  • Art/Coding categories. 
  • Staff Work categories. 

This also means, you will not be able to participate in suggestions/suggestion voting/group discussions, etc. 

Leave is meant to take the time to relax and recover, suggestions/suggestion voting is considered working - you might not get credit for this, but it still acts as working. 
This is NOT meant to be a punishment - you are not being punished for taking the time you need to recover and relax. You will be able to participate when you return!


What channels are you able to participate in?

  • News categories. 
  • Staff Lounge categories. 
  • Help Desk categories, and your open tickets. 
  • Staff Leave categories. 


While on staff leave, you are not working, which means you will not accrue staff credits until you return to your duties. 
While on staff leave, you are not exempt from the ToS and from the professionalism that comes with the Staff title on the website, or in the Discord servers. If your behavior, or how you present yourself is questionable, you will be DMd by a senior staff, or a developer, and if necessary, you will be warned. 

If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, ALL staff are encouraged to seek out a developer - if you wish for your comments or suggestions remain anonymous, mention to the developer your request and they will honor and respect your wish, so long as it is not insulting/rude/derogatory toward another staff member. 

How do you request staff leave?
Submit a ticket in the staff server! This ticket will remain live until you return. You are able to message the developers directly within your ticket and are free to ask any questions you have. We do ask that you keep in touch - if you're out for a longer period of time, try to check in at least once a week, or every two - if this is feasible. If a long period of time goes on and you have not been heard from (typically 3-4 weeks), one of the developers will reach out to to check on you. 





If a staff member breaks a rule, this must be immediately reported to a developer. Staff can submit a ticket, or can seek out a developer personally in their DMs. 

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First warning, MadDog will come to your DMs and seek your side of the story. They will explain what was incorrect, how to fix it and issue your verbal warning. 
Second warning, the moderator MadDog will come to your DMs and explain what was incorrect, how to fix it and issue your second verbal warning. 
Third and final warning, you will be approached by the game's Owner Cryptid-Horror. He will explain what happened, the reasoning behind the warning and you will be removed from staff. 

Depending on the severity of your warning(s), you may be removed from the game. 
If you are not removed and wish to reapply at a later date, you are more than welcome to.

Warnings fall off three months after the initial warning.




Souls-Between has the following areas open:

These are current positions.

  • Design & Import Uploader Staff
  • Nesting & Hatching Staff
  • Prompt Staff

All staff handle claims.
Only Developers and some Senior Staff handle Bug Reports. 



  • Staff members must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must have and use discord, as we do all our communication through that application.
  • Staff must be fluent in English and able to comprehend and voice thoughts/opinions in English. Bilingual is a plus, but not a requirement. 
  • Must be respectful and considerate of other members feelings and/or triggers. 
  • Have a decent gauge of your available time -- This is volunteer work, we only expect a few hours a week from the staff at minimum, but we also want you to not burn yourself out.
  • Patience and ability to work in team environments is a must. Developers seek out staff thoughts frequently, so don't be shy to voice your opinions!
  • Be able to find, or point players in the direction of information. Sometimes the best answer truly is "Let me ask someone else on the team" just make sure you follow through!
  • We would like applicants to have been in ARPGs for a month or more, but this is a preference, not necessarily a requirement. 
  • Be able to follow direction from the Developers and the Senior Staff. 
  • We encourage applicants, and staff to have a reliable source of internet throughout the month.

The following bars you from being a Staff member:

  • Not being 18 years of age or older
  • You are banned from the group or the discord
  • You have been warned for extreme behavior that goes against our group rules.
  • Insensitivity to others feelings/thoughts/triggers, excusing poor behavior with disabilities and/or language barriers. 
  • If you are consistently confrontational, hostile and/or aggressive in your encounters with members and staff. 




Staff Teams

Our staff are broken down into individual teams, where duties are assigned to groups of staff members. During your time as a staff member, we do allow you to swap or take on extra duties to help other sections at your disclosure. Each team has various "Caretakers" who's main responsibility is to make sure that certain requests are caught up and completed before helping other sections. 

Design Review and Upload management:

Design Review and Upload Management are hand in hand, if you are approving a design, you are also uploading onto the DA account. 

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Design Review handles the following: 
  • Reviewing design review / corrections.
  • Reviewing design modifications.
Upload Management handles the following: 
  • Uploading imports to the dA "The-Below" account.
  • Updating on site dragons with the images from The-Below.
  • Updating both dA and on site dragons for design modifications that are approved.
Preferences for Applicants: 
  • Must know basic design, or must be willing to ask questions, and take the time to learn. 
  • All those being considered for design staff will be trained for the position regardless of previous skill. 
  • Detail oriented and have an attention to detail. 
  • Able to follow the guides. 
  • Must have a PC/Laptop with some form of art program (i.e. Photoshop, Sai, ClipStudio, Gimp, etc.) Using a tablet device is not permitted for design reviews and uploads. 



Nesting & Hatchery:

Nesting/Hatchery involves anything that generates a new dragon. The job is often one of high trust and responsibility, and not all those who apply will be accepted.


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Nesting/Hatching is in charge of:
  • Rolling nesting requests.
  • Rolling egg hatches.
  • Both of the above sections require nesting staff to create registered slots for the new dragons on the site!

Preferences for Applicants: 

  • Must be trustworthy and responsible.
  • Must be able to follow the guides and must be comfortable asking questions. 
  • Detail oriented and have an attention to detail. 
  • Must have a PC/Laptop/Tablet.



Prompt Staff:

Prompt Staff is a robust section of the game and can be a very rewarding task! Since our hoard system is mainly managed via automation, many of the player/activity/status management duties have become highly condensed and easy to work with! This position involves a knowledge of basic math and being able to think critically about whether pieces of art or literature fit the criteria for the point system we have in the game. It's important to note, we don't expect our staff to read every piece of literature, and recommend they skim through and see if the content meets necessary requirements. We provide a calculator custom made on site to help making staff's lives easier in this section as math can be quite daunting especially when you need to handle all the numbers. 

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Prompt Management is:
  • Adoption Center (Surrenders and Adopts) 
  • Rites Submissions.
  • Healing Shrine.
  • Daily Activities.
  • Quests.
  • Arena.
  • Grand Hunt.
  • Events (only one event is active at a time).
  • Primal Point Count Verification.
  • Mastery Point Count Verification.
Preferences for Applicants: 
  • Must be trustworthy and responsible.
  • Must be able to follow the guides and must be comfortable asking questions. 
  • Detail oriented and have an attention to detail. 
  • Basic math knowledge.
  • Ability to follow direction.
  • Must have a PC/Laptop/Tablet.



Apply as a Staff Member

If you would like to apply as a staff member, please follow the below instructions:

Fill out this form and submit as A CLAIM on the site! 

The form:

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  1. What is your Discord Username? 
  2. What is your timezone and what is your availability? 
  3. What position are you applying for? (Prompt Management / Nesting & Hatching / Design & Uploading)
  4. If applying for multiple, which one are you wanting to do most? Which one are you wanting to do least? 
  5. If you are applying for design staff, please link at least THREE designs YOU have done.
  6. Prior experience is not necessary, but do you have experience in being an admin for other ARPGs or Closed Species groups? What were you duties?
  7. Fluency in English is a requirement, are you fluent in other languages? (This is NOT a requirement and if you answer no, this will not hurt your chances to be staff). 
  8. Are you a returning staff member? (If yes, when did you leave and what was your reasoning?)
  9. Do you understand that by being a staff member you are expected to give at least a few hours a week and help your fellow staff members keep activity and request queues up to date?
  10. Staff members are given access to information that may not be released content to the public, do you understand that breaking this trust and telling the public about unreleased content will terminate your staff status?
  11. Do you understand that you will be on a 'Moderator' trial period for two-four weeks before being invited to promote to staff? 
  12. What editing software do you use? Are you using a laptop, PC or tablet? 
  13. Explain a scenario where you had to handle a confrontational customer, or an argument with a peer and had to diffuse the situation. 
  14. Do you have a reliable source of internet throughout the month? 

You may apply at any time, for any position. We will always prioritize our needed areas first, but when we need to fill new spots in other areas, we will review past applications to find individuals who are interested and reach out to you before asking for new applications.


If you have submitted an application in the past, and did not get selected, you are always more than welcome to resubmit an application at any time.