Frequently Asked Questions

Created: 19 September 2021, 00:42:59 CDT
Last updated: 18 November 2021, 19:57:46 CST

Frequently asked questions:

General Questions: 



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Q: How do I register on the site? 
A: On the main page there is a REGISTER button on the top right, click this button. 
     Fill out all the information, make sure you click the box saying you've read the ToS and Privacy Policy, then submit! 
     You must be 13 years or older to play the game - enter your birthday accurately (if you make an error, tag a developer in the Discord Server.)
     You have to register with a Gmail account, if you don't want to register with a Gmail, you must contact Cryptid-Horror on the Souls DA, or in the Discord server so you can be manually added to the site. PLEASE check your spam folder for the verification link. 


Q: What isn't tolerated on the site/Discord?
A: Anything that is considered rude/inconsiderate, including comments that are: racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc. 
    If you wouldn't want it said to you, you might not want to say it. 
    Considering on the content, you will receive a warning, or a strike - either publically, or privately from a Developer or the General Moderator (MadDog).
    The content will be immediately removed. Don't be a jerk. 


Q: I'm a new player, how do I obtain a gemone or a dragon?
A: There are several ways to obtain a genome/dragon! 
          1. You can adopt a genome OR designed dragon from the Adoption Center once every season. 
          2. You can take part in community raffles - these are found in our Discord Server, and occasionally in the forums. 
          3. You can trade items, literature, art, in game currency or real world currency for genomes. (Please visit our Terms - specifically the Group Seasonal Sales and Selling Among the Community section when buying genomes/dragons/items from other players - please be smart in your purchases.)


Q: There are missing images in the design guides! 
A: Yes, there are, we're currently working on updating all guides and they should have images soon! 


Q: This starter dragon is missing a name and design! 
A: Yes, our staff design the starter dragons when they have time - all of our starters will be updated with designs and names as soon as staff can get to them. 


Q: How long does it take for my design/report/claim/prompt to get reviewed and approved?!
A: We allow up to seven days for staff to get to those before a developer steps in and reviews them. Staff are volunteers and have their own lives beyond Souls-Between. We appreciate the patience from the players. Out staff also are allowed breaks from their work, and we also have scheduled holiday seasons that are staff are not required to work. More on this can be found on our About page! 


Q: Where can I buy items?
A: In the shops! Our items can be purchased with Crystals, Dragon Soul Coins and background vouchers! 


Q: My dragon lost a lot of health, how do I heal them?!
A: We have an activity prompt called the Healing Shrine, this tells you how to heal your dragon with literature, art, or items. 


Q: Am I allowed to co-own a dragon?
A: No, we don't allow co-ownership of dragons. 


Q: How do I win dragon of the month?
A: You must have someone suggest your dragon in order for you to win. We don't allow players to nominate themselves. 


Q: Can I join staff?
A: Absolutely! We're always open to hiring new staff members. Those interested are encouraged to visit the Join the Team page for more information. 


Q: Who are the developers and what do they do?
A: We have three developers who are in charge of different things. 
          1. @Cryptid-Horror is the owner and creator of the game. He creates the content for the game, and does the lines for the imports. He also does a large majority of the back end content (i.e. the coding for the rollers, the coding for the website, pushing updates, etc.). He works alongside our marvelous coder @Draginraptor, who handles an equally large majority of the coding for Souls.
          2. @Thundercat creates and manages all of the themes on the site, and does the clean up work on the import designs before they're pushed onto the site. She also handles some of the minor coding, background/item variations, and is in charge of the staff of Souls. 





Dragons and Designs: 



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Q: How do I submit a design for an egg/genome/dragon?
A: You can find this answer, and step by step instructions on our design registration page! 


Q: My design was kicked back due to the thumbnail being cropped, how do I fix this? 
A: On our design registration page, there are step by step instructions on how to correctly upload the image and the thumbnail. (Specifically under the New World Registration spoiler).


Q: I fixed the thumbnail, but it isn't updating, what do I do?
A: Clear your cache!! Clearing your cache before you resubmit and reupload your image will show you the correct image when you submit. 


Q: How do I put a background on my dragon?
A: Our backgrounds come in BOXES - you have to OPEN the box before you can attach the backrgound onto your dragon. 
          1. If your dragon is already designed, you have to submit a design update with the background attached to the submission. 
          2. If you're submitting your genome design, just add the background to the form and in the add-ons section. 


Q: I can't download the imports, what do I do?!
A: If you're not able to download the imports, we suggest downloading only the import you need (example: downloading the plated coat, rather than the master copy). If you're still not able to download the import, we suggest upgrading to a better editing program/software, or asking the community for help (asking them to remove all the mutations you don't need) to see if that helps you be able to download. Alternatively, a majority of the players have commissions available for in game and/or real world currency, or literature/art for rites/activities. 


Q: I was just transferred/traded a dragon and it's not on my list, what happened?!?!
A: You have to approve any dragon transferred to you. To find this, click the SUBMIT button on the top right on the navigation bar and click Dragon Transfers. Once there, you can approve any transfers and trades that are coming to you - once you approve it, the dragon/genome should show up on your list. 


Q: How do I know if I'm in range with my markings?
A: While on the genetics portal, click the marking you're using. On the left side there is a panel with the dragon types, click your dragon species, then the sub-type. Looking at the coat your dragon has, you can see the different colors for Recessive Minimum (meaning is HAS to be in this range), the Recessive Maximum (meaning this is the furthest you can have your marking) and the Dominant Maximum (meaning you can ONLY be in this range if your dragon's marking is dominant. 


Q: How do I know if my marking is dominant or recessive? 
A: The recessive marking starts with 'n', and the dominant has two capital letters. Example: Blanket. Recessive is nBl, the Dominant is BlBl. 





Prompts and Claims: 



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Q: My dragon is missing their skill/breath/lineage, how do I get that fixed?
A: Submit a claim! Be sure to include your dragon and what is missing so a staff member can fix the error. 


Q: I tried clicking on a link and it gave me a server error, what do I do?
A: Submit a 'Bug' Report! Please include the link you clicked and if possible, supply a screenshot (optional) so a Developer or coder can fix the error. 


Q: There's a spelling error on a page, how do I alert the staff?
A: Submit a 'Bug' Report! When you submit the report, there is an option for the type of error, please list as a TEXT error and supply the link to the page and what the error is. 


Q: My trait/marking is missing, what do I do?
A: If your trait/marking is missing, please SUBMIT A CLAIM. Include your dragon and include which marking/trait is missing. 


Q: I have a trait/marking in my genotype that isn't in the genetics portal, what do I do?!
A. If you have a marking or trait that you can't find in the genetics portal, or on the imports, then the name if the marking/trait might have changed. Submit a claim, with the marking/trait and your dragon to get this fixed. 


Q: What are the free monthly DAILY activities? 
A: The monthly DAILY activities are any activity (Caving, Fishing, Hunting and Foraging) that you can submit monthly without any literature or art. You can only get four a month. You can find more information here


Q: What is nesting?
A: Nesting is when you pair two dragons together for eggs. You get all ranks get three free a month (Master rank gets four total) for full slots (meaning all the eggs are yours) and two SPLIT slots a month (split meaning you split/divide the eggs with another player -- the player who submits the prompt gets the credit for the slot). You can find more information here


Q: Do I get free arena rolls then?! 
A: Yes, you get ONE free arena roll a month for beginner ranks. Each rank earns one addtional free roll (Master rank gets FOUR free arena rolls a month). You can find more information here


Q: How do I submit an arena roll?!
A: Visit this page for more information! Please fill out the ENTIRE form for yourself - if you're going against another player, you MUST include the form for the other (you being dragon one, and the other player dragon two) and you must add your dragon and theirs to the 'add character' slots. This also applies for NPC/starter dragons. 


Q: How to I level up my dragon?
A: You level up your dragon using primal points, which are obtained by doing literature/art for events, daily activities, quests, rites, etc. Once you obtain all the points you need, you click your dragon and then click the level area button on the left side and then level/rank up! 


Q: How do I level up myself?! 
A: Same way you level your dragon. When you submit art/lit for events, daily activities, quests, rites, etc., you also earn mastery points. Once you obtain all the points you need, you click the activities tab at the top, click level area and then level/rank up!


Q: I want to give a player a nesting slot, how do I do this?
A: In order for a player to submit your dragon in a nesting, they MUST have a nesting token. SUBMIT A CLAIM in order to give a player a token for your dragon. You MUST include the form (found here) and you MUST include if the slot is for a FULL nest or a SPLIT nest. Failing to indicate this will result in a rejected claim. 


Q: I have a genome on DA, but not on the site, how do I move the dragon to the site?
A: Submit a claim! This is an Old World registration. In the comments section, paste the LINK for proof, the ENTIRE Geno/Pheno/traits/species, etc AND the lineage if available. Once approved, a staff member will register your dragon on the site. 





Website Usage: 



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Q: I can't read the text on a certain theme, what do I do?
A: Submit a 'Bug' Report. Include which theme you're having the issue with and supply a screenshot of the instance so Thundercat can fix the error. 


Q How do I change my theme?
A: On the navigation bar at the top, you'll see your username on the top right. Click your name and then click settings. Scroll down until you see the Theme section, then select your theme and hit edit! 


Q: How do I change my display photo on the site? 
A: On the navigation bar at the top, you'll see your username on the top right. Click your name and then click settings. At the top, you'll see the Avatar section. Choose your file and click submit. You will have to CLEAR YOUR CACHE for you to see the change. 


Q: I can't find a theme I like, what do I do?
A: You can always submit a suggestion in the Discord, or in the Forums under Help Desk. Thundercat is able to accomodate and create new themes as she is able to. 


Q: Can I have multiple accounts?
A: We do not allow multiple accounts on the site. Any users found to have mutiple accounts will be warned, the duplicate accounts will be removed, and the items will be merged onto one account. Repeat offenses will be banned from the site. 


Q: What do I do if I feel a player is cheating?
A: Submit a report with the link/user of the player and why you feel they're cheating - supply additional information and screenshots if able. 


Q: What do I do if I feel a staff member is cheating and I'm not comfortable filing a report where they can see? 
A: In this case, you are more than welcome to address this with a Developer who allow a direct messages ( @Thundercat and @Kobold_Ghost allow DMs. This is the only case you can directly DM the owner @Cryptid-Horror without prior permission) - alternatively, you can also directly message our content moderator @Maddog. 


Q: What is not permitted on the site?
A: We don't allow explicit content (keep names PG13). We also don't allow copyright names or content - meaning you cannot name your dragon after character in anime, or in movies (i.e. You can't name your dragon Batman, Pepsi, Captain America, Cloudjumper, Pokemon characters, etc. (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS) This to protect us and players from copyright infringement. We don't want a lawsuit and we can guarantee you don't want this either. If you're found to have inappropriate content on your profile/page, you will be asked to remove the content, if you don't, it will be removed with a member of the developer team and will receive a warning - if you put the content back, it will be removed and you will receive a 24 hour ban. If you put it back a third time, you will be permanently banned. (This is case by case - if you're found to be posting malicious content or hate speech regarding disabilities, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity, you will be immediately banned.) 



* More will be added as they come.  Announcements will be made in the Public Changelog, in the Discord server. *