Terms of Service

Created: 26 July 2020, 20:59:57 CDT
Last updated: 27 June 2023, 16:31:40 CDT

Our terms of service apply to all of our outlets. This documentation exists to outline player behaviors and our actions we take to handle behaviors that go against this document. The contents of this Terms of Service are subject to change at any time, however when updated the community will be alerted.

Use of our outlets and participation in Souls-Between is an agreement that you have read and understood our rules and code of conduct.

  • Treat others with respect. It costs nothing to be kind and we strive for a community of people who are kind to each other and are willing to help each other out!
  • All names, personality, and content put on our outlets for your dragons (imports/etc) must be pg-13 in nature and not include any content that would be classified as hate speech, racist, or otherwise harmful to others.
  • Adult rated content is Not permitted on our website or in our galleries! The Adult chatroom of the discord is the only place for these, and you must be 18 years of age or older to access this channel.
  • Do not share your sensitive personal information in any form through the website, discord, or posts to our group.
  • Creations submitted to the group that are excessive in violence, blood, or gore must be labeled as such in claims/prompts.
  • All submissions to the dA group/site must involve Souls-Between either in its species, items, creations, or commissions.
  • Abusing any exploits in the game, or refusing to report them, is prohibited. Please let us know of errors or exploits!
  • Do not use our outlets to spread drama about other players or groups! Keep it in private spaces and only for those who need to be involved.
  • Use of the website to avoid bans another player has against you on another outlet is prohibited.
  • One account per player, so please make sure you assign it to your active deviantart account or the account you want it connected to (main or ARPG etc.) Having multiple accounts is grounds for suspension or a ban.
  • Souls-Between Characters should never be depicted hunting and/or killing another ARPG species. (General fighting, combat, or other attacking style depictions are fine. It just shouldn't be done out of "hunting as prey" or with the other ARPG character killed.)

Use or submission of AI generated artwork or literature is strictly forbidden. 


Bans and warnings are generally held on a case by case basis. Developers are the only members of staff who have the authority to ban players, however all staff members can issue a warning.

Warnings are a three strike system! If you have three strikes, and then you get another warning, you will receive a ban depending on the severity. Bans come in different levels:

  • General - 24 hour ban.
  • Moderate - A two day ban from the game's outlets.
  • Severe - A week long ban, usually because you're breaking rules on purpose. Continuing to break these same rules ends up with a month long ban.
  • Permanent - This is usually handed out for rare reasons, such as: stalking or acting violently towards the community, Scamming the community, or repeated trolling / inappropriate behavior.

Warnings, or "strikes" are not permanent! Having good behavior and appealing a strike is the best way to get a strike removed from your name. To appeal a strike, submit a claim and we will review your strike and determine if it should be removed. This goes for warnings you feel are made in error, or without enough evidence/warrant for one.

Bans and warnings are only ever discussed with involved parties. Please do not request to know why a ban or warning was put in place if it involves someone other than you.



Souls-Between hosts Four standard sales per year called "Seasonal Sales''. Each sale is done once per season and will often last an entire month. On most occasions these sales have specific things for sale and the quantity per player. However, all of these sales follow the same standard of rules.

  • "Add on" items (coat types, markings, base coats, etc) that are upgrades cannot be used on existing dragons, current unregistered customs, or for future customs/dragons. They must be purchased and used for a dragon you obtain in that sale.
  • All purchases must be completed within 24 - 48 hours unless a payment plan is agreed upon. Failure to pay your invoices on time may result in your orders not being accepted for a season, or longer.
  • Payment plans have to have a downpayment, with up to three months time to pay off the plan for large orders.
  • Sales where a dragon species or item was not available cannot be used to obtain these items. I.e. Sapiere dragons were not available during the 2020 Summer sale, and cannot be redeemed as a custom/egg or slot permission from prior sales.
Seasonal Sales Information


Player Sales

Souls-Between features a community led market, where dragons, items, genos, and dragon nesting slots are traded among the community for in-game items/currency, real world currency, other dragons or slots, and creations (Artwork/literature,etc) You are free to price your belongings how you wish. However, the staff does wish to make clear a few rules regarding the sales and safety of certain items and the players purchasing items!

Crowd Funding is allowed, however we ask that if you are posting these to the group you keep your sensitive information limited.

We do not allow sales that are clearly for other-groups within souls. All Ads must be Soul-between focused.

  • Adopted Dragons can only be sold/gifted/traded after 90 days of ownership.
  • Be Responsible! Keep track of your sales records and make smart choices in buying and selling. If something doesn't seem safe, it might not be!
  • Developers and Staff can only do so much, but we cannot compensate you for time or real world currency. You cannot sell slots, dragons, or items you do not own/have.
  • Abide by the rules of a slot permission.
  • Demanding you get a slot to dragons hatched from your given permissions is not prohibited as we cannot enforce these rules (and will not).
  • Items can be traded freely among players as long as they aren’t account/dragon bound.
  • Users who are permanently banned from the game may sell/gift/trade their items and dragons.
Dragon Ownership and imports
  • The ownership of characters does not give you rights to the species! Instead you have rights to the characters and the designs you create for your dragons! Under no circumstances will the ownership of a dragon be removed from you over being banned!
  • Dragons belong to their owners and can only be owned by one player at a time. Bouncing character ownership back and forth is not allowed.
  • Dragons may be traded to other players freely, be it for money, art, or a trade of other digital goods.
  • Breaking game rules that result in a ban does not remove the character from your ownership, you simply cannot interact with requests or use them in activities with the game.
  • Imports should never be uploaded anywhere else. They are only allowed to be uploaded to the site and the admin account on DeviantArt - TheBelow. You can upload your own art, personal references, etc. Just not any official import art!