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Fall Season Has Arrived!

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  • Fall Season has arrived! 
  • Arena Season Ends September 6th
  • Same-Sex Pairings 
  • Marking Changes
  • Discord and Twitter Authentication
  • Occupations Suggestions
  • Misc Notes
  • Patchnotes

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any PP trackers in the forums you have until September 15th to submit them to the Primal Point prompt to get them added into the website before they are deleted.

Fall Season 

A new season has arrived! A few things come with the new season like our annual events and of course, everyone can adopt a dragon from the adoption center again! We celebrate our birthday in this season during the November month! 

Our Fall sale won't be until October 15th to December 1st, so save up! This is our annual birthday sale where we make things like imperial and mythic markings available at limited quanities per user! 

We are hard at work for a story event coming up, so you might not see much activity this month in our patch notes! 

Arena Season 

The Arena season ends on september 6th, so get your free and entry rolls in for that double Arena XP! After the 6th the rates go back to normal! 

Marking Changes

Bokeh is now called Dapple (nDl/DlDl). If you have any dragons with the Bokeh marking please submit a claim to get them updated! 

Same Sex Pairings 

We now allow Same Sex pairings in the game. You need Soul twine, which was repurposed for this. We cleaned up all hoards so that if you had the old Soul Twine you now have Reversal of Choice which does both its original uses and Soul Twine's old uses. Remember to set your "Dam" correctly when you are submitting same sex pairings, as the "Dam" selection sets the clutch.

Soul Twine can only be earned in the Arena in the Gladiator and Champion ranks currently. 

Discord and Twitter Authentication 

We now allow you to authenticate/Verify your account with Discord and Twitter. If you need help doing this please let us know in Discord or in the group notes of our dA group! 

Occupations Suggestions 

Go to the forums in our suggestions thread and give us ideas for Occupations you'd like to see the game! Occupations will give you bonuses and benefits in the game to your activites. Any ideas we pick the person who suggest it first will get a soul twine! 

Misc Notes 

Pulling some of our big ticket patch notes out: 

  1. A new theme was created by Thundercat for those who are visually impaired. The theme was created with the help of Lilwyverngirl and FallingfireX! 
  2. Added Featured Character extension, on the main page you will now see the Dragon of the Month! 
  3. Added some admin extensions for quality of life. 
  4. Many Discord changes. 
  5. New backgrounds added (We now have all the backgrounds we commissioned, with two of them dropping with the upcoming story event!) 
  6. Pink Fields theme added. 
  7. New Guide swatches for marking properities. They now have different border colors to determine:
    1. Greeen = yes you can do this 
    2. Red = no you can't do this 
    3. Yellow/Orange = you can do this sometimes/ restrictions apply 
    4. Blue = You can only do this in dominant. 
  8. Radiance and Agouti vouchers for Dragon's blood rewards now have rarity tiers and the original vouchers are "mysterious" and allow you to pick any rarity color marking.  
  9. Isle of Gloom and Shimmering Isle themes updated.


Arena Season and More!

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  • Sale Ending 8.15.2021 (One auction SB changed!)
  • Arena Season is Active!
  • Patchnotes

The summer sale is coming to an end! Remember our next sale won't be till the next season. Additionally, we have changed the starting bid on one from $100 to $70. 

Remember that bids will have a snipe guard on them of at least 4 hours. 


Arena Season

We now have an active arena season! This will run until September 6th. During the season you get double Arena Coins for your dragon's battling it out! If you use free rolls and lose you will get 5 arena coins! This is a good time to power through those levels, just remember that you need to complete taming to advance to Gladiator Level! 


Aside fomr some major bug fixes like our pesky internal server error cuased by our host, and getting double rewards for leveling up, there's not much else to share. We are still retraining team members of staff, and would like to welcome Draginraptor Ekian and Rhith as part of our newly set up Senior Staff role! This role has some extra responsibilities but are essentially extra helping hands in answering questions and providing focused feedback for events and activities before we open it up to a larger audience. 



You hear whispers from the locals of the Frigid Empire, of shadows passing over the clouds. Shapes of long forgotten creatures crawling out of the dark.

MSS Ending August

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  • Sale is still live until the 15th of august
  • Item Changes
  • Arena Season Starting
  • Midsummer Solstice ending 
  • A Thrilling Adventure Begins... 
  • Patchnotes

The summer sale will continue until the 15th of august! 

Item Changes

Some items got some tweaks and changes! Most importantly are the Pearl necklace which now will prevent failure in activities. Dragon tears can now remove dragon blood vouchers (you won't gain one back in return, however an item is coming out soon that will allow this feature). Finally the Soul Twine can now be used to reset your account progress. 

Additionally, on the first of august, Sinister dragons will no longer receive the no buff fail and will instead recieve a +1 item chance. 

Arena Season 

We will host our first Arena Season starting August First and ending the last day of August. During this time players who partake in the arena will gain doduble XP and Free rolls that lose in combat will gain 5 XP instead of zero! 

Midsummer Solstice 

The Annual event is coming to an end, however the fragments and tarot cards will still be earnable in the Grand hunt throughout the year once this activity is released, and again next year! The shop will remain open. 


A Thrilling Adventure Begins... 

Something is coming, you can feel it in the wind, but it feels ominous and forboding. 

Levels and Combat

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  • Sale Extension to 8.15.2021
  • Arena is now live! 
  • Levels and Stats integrated into website 
  • Changes to activity loot drops and functions 
  • Patchnotes

The summer sale is being extended to 8.15.2021. You can virw and make orders in the sale here, including to the auctions for the three advent dragons! The Midsummer Solstice event will not be extended. We have made the recipe pages cost 2 fragments, and adjusted the MSS shop accordingly. Tarot and Zodiac chests will be obtainable at a later date when the Grand Hunt activity is released.


The arena activity is now live! You can find it in the prompt lists and the rollers for the arena in the drop down of rollers. With the arena came a variety of items added as well as skills. You can find all these in the changelog. To obtain the new skills you currently need to add them to your dragons with skill tokens. 

On August 1st we will host our first Celestial Season, where everyone who submits arena rolls will get double arena XP! It will last throughout the whole month!

Levels, Stats, and Trackers

We've added an extensions to allows us to have levels and stats tied to accounts and dragons. This means we can track dragon health on the site, and you can see what your dragon's stats are. This also means that the way do Tracking MP/PP is changing. From now on, your MP and PP will calculated automatically when you submit an activity. Primal Points that are for "character sheets" or otherwise non-activity art will need to be submitted as Primal Point prompt and will be totalled that way. 

If you have dragons, or yourself, in need of leveling up to the new system, please submit either a MP or PP prompt and include the information. Please do one prompt per dragon, and for your own account, please see our updated MP calculator and update the counts! We have greatly increased the total of MP you get for playing the game, and have even added bonuses you might not have had before. These MP counts are retroactive, so you will obtain them retroactivley, so update all your counts please! 

We are doing away with the old method of tracking, so you will need to update to get your EXP and levels. You can view these in the levels area of your account for MP (activities drop down -> Level area) or the level area on your dragon (go to dragon profile, level area on the left hand side).

In addition, we are in the process of adding "prestige" ranks for users to level up to, as well as characters!


Changes to loot drops

Activities, and the arena, now give different amounts of loot that drop. Now when you gain loot, free rolls will give you 2-4 items, while "entry" rolls will give you 3-6 items. We've changed the items that give 100% chance pass rates to find rarer items, such as the activity charm or the newt familiar, to be a percent chance. All items now stack, including items that gives you extra items. These items will always give you an extra item, except for the Hoarder skill which is still percent based. 

Annual Event is Live

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The Midsummer Solstice event is live! You can find it in the prompts list under activities! 

Refer a Friend is live! We will get this added to the drop downs for activities! 

The Summer sale is live! You'll find a bump notification on the navigation bar! 


All of our advents and our new special starter have been posted as well. Make sure to clear your cache to see updated images!

Annual Event and More!

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  • June 19th to June 30th Patch Notes 
    • Includes July 1st Release Features.
  • New Annual Event  (July 1st Release) 
  • Imports Retiring 
  • Refer a Friend Event (July 1st)
  • Story Event Announcement (Release date TBA) 
  • Summer Sale Announcement (July 1st release)
  • New Features 
  • New Bug Fixes 
Annual Event: Mid Summer Solstice

The Mid Summer Solstice will arrive tomorrow on July 1st and end on August 1st! With it brings:

  • Three new prompts to celebrate the summer
  • A new currency (Cowrie shells)
  • A new event Shop
  • 22 New Tarot Card Items 
  • 12 New Zodiac Artifact Items 
  • 1 new Familiar with 6 variations; The Celestial Feline! 
  • 1 New Zodiac Chest
  • 1 New Tarot Chest
  • 3 new event Recipes
    • Celestial Feline (Grants 1.5x Primal Point bonus to art or literature, so long as the feline is present in the art/literature! Be warned though, crafting this strange feline costs quite a few specific materials and you have to unlock the recipe!)
    • Zodiac Chest 
    • Tarot Chest
    • All event recipes must be unlocked with Event Recipe Fragments turned into pages. 1 page = 1 random recipe you do not have.
  • 3 New Raffled Advents, tickets earned by submitting at least prompt to the respective advent. 
  • 1 New Ancient Starter carrying Dominant Agouti. 
    • Agouti overrides the base coat in design - if you have an umber base, you still pass umber; but if your Agouti is vanta, your dragon's base coat is picked from vanta sliders! 
    • Like Radiance, if your dragon has Agouti - Azure and Azure gene, you can design as if you had dominant Azure! 
    • Simply put though: Agouti overrides the base coat and the base MUST be the color of the Agouti! 

Mid Summer Solstice Dragons feature 2 of the new backgrounds we commissioned from Banzz! 

Imports Retiring

The Stalker version 1 and Warden version 1 lines will be retired tomorrow, July 1st. Currently submitted designs or genotypes with the old lines are still fine to be submitted - however all new designs submitted will need ot be on the new lines! 

The new Warden lines will be released tomorrow, July 1st! 

Refer a Friend

You can view details about the Refer a Friend here! (May take a moment after the posting of this news post to be filled out!)

This event will run from July 1st to August 1st! 

Story Event Announcement 

Some time after our Annnual Event we will have our next Story event ready! This may take a month or two as we get together materials and work on the event's plot and activities, so the release date is TBA. Keep an eye out though for teasers, including the two new backgrounds found on the new advents!

Summer Sale Announcement

A summer sale has been posted and will be live for comments on July 1st! It will end August 1st and has 3 Advent auctions! 

New Features 

 Various new features have, and are, making their way into the game! 

  • Occupations for Dragons and Accounts 
  • Shop Features Extension that lets us have coupons, or lock shops behind needing an item (perfect for story events!) 
  • Mini Clock Extension 
  • Vortex Updates - The Vortex will allow players to replay old events at your liesure. The rewards are not as grand, but still worth the effort and you can earn the old trophies too! 
  • Pearl Necklace is now a combat item that increases your magic attack pass rate! 
New Bug Fixes 

A variety of bug fixes were made! You can view many of them in bug reports! 


Updates and More!

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NEW: Patch notes updated on the forum! 

Our Change log will be posted to the forums during the weekend! Here's a quick recap though!

General News 

  • Summer Sale will start July 1st and run until August 1st, we will utilize the Sales section of the site to give it a spin! 
  • Dragon of the month readded, check out the forums! 
  • The Vortex is a new activity coming to the game, allowing you to play previous events! You won't gain the big rewards from these activities, but you can earn rare loot and the trophies! 
  • Ravagers and Stalkers are now on the new size formats. 
  • Changes to backgrounds, flights, and level up perks (See change log once posted_

As of July 1st, the Old Stalker Wyvern import will be officially retired and unable to be used. Same goes for the Warden import, with the new warden being completed by then!

We understand some members like the old imports, however they do not reflect the quality of art for our imports we wish to strive for and they will be removed as an option. 


Here's a preciew of the Feathered Warden! 


Unexpected Downtime

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Apologies for the unexpected downtime of the site - we encountered an user error and had to spend some time fixing it! Everything should be restored. 


If you go to the Dragon's Gifts shop you will find that an extra maintenance package is obtainable! We apologize for any inconvience this may have caused! 

Crafting, Caving, and more!

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Hello everyone, I have lots to go over in depth in this news post! We've been hard at work with getting things up to date and new features functioning. 

You can read the patch notes here. You will find a variety of bug fixes and enhancements listed here that are not listed elsewhere.

Old World Genotype Uploads

You can now upload your "old world" genos without an image. To do so submit a claim and please only submit 5 per claim! We will work through the log as quickly as possible! 


Crafting is here! With it is a lot of changes from our original crafting system - for those who remember. You won't level up in crafting anymore, instead you will need to find the recipes by particpating in daily activities. To access Crafting, select the Activities drop down and select Crafting! You can view all recipes by selecting Recipes on the left hand side. The main page will show you what recipes you have unlocked.

The blueprint, and newt familiar, which previously effected "crafting pass rate" will now effect daily activities. Using them makes it much easier to find the recipe fragments, which you will craft together to make recipe pages. These crafting recipes for Recipe Pages are a free recipe. Recipe pages are considered a "box" that you can open in your hoard. Recipe pages and fragments can be traded between players.


Caving has been released! Caving is a new daily activity where you can depict your dragons exploring caves and cave like structures. Here you will find precious gems and materials used in many recipes. The Duffel bag has been added to the game, as well as the caving charm. 

Diamond bug familiars now also have a use - they will increase your caving pass chance!

Fishing Update

Fishing has been updated with all new loot tables! It is now in line with the rest of our activites where different items may appear in different regions. 

Daily Activity General Updates

We clened up the loot tables for the daily activity prompts, you can better read these now using spoiler tags! 

In addition, we are releasing a new feature where you can submit Four "Free" Daily activity prompts a month. Once dragon master rank, you can submit a 5th! These free rolls do not require art/lit entries but can still fail, and you cannot use the sinister no fail buff on them. You can however use any of your dragons, and any items you may have otherwise. Submit the prompt as usual, but where it has a link for "entry" put "1/4 Free roll" etc. 

Activity pass chance numbers increased:
Beginner: 65%
Stable Hand: 75%
Dragon Tamer: 85%
Dragon Master: 95%

Design Review Changes

We have started uploading images directly to the site, so now you will do the same in design review. Please still include the stash link in the form for now! Make sure you disable the crop feature and simply reupload the image as the thumbnail. 

Frog eye's "pupil" may now mimix the dragon's eye trait.  

Vignette (nVi/ViVi) renamed to Filigree (nFi/FiFi) - if you own a dragon with this marking, please submit a claim to get the geno/pheno updated!

Pale eyes' pupil are now allowed to be lighter than the iris without being blind but cannot be white. They can still be slightly darker as well.

Import Extras and Effects has been created! The link has also been fixed. This is missing images, but those will come soon! This covers things like eye color, flesh color, etc. We've loosened up a lot of the rules, such as wing membranes, so be sure to give this a look! 

Fourms// Primal and Mastery Point Trackers

Primal Point creation and maintenance guides have been created. You can now begin porting/making your trackers on the forums.
Master point creation and maintenance guides have been created. You can now begin porting/making your trackers on the forums.
Forum guidelines set up
Forum Patchnotes set up (not backlogged, you are here!)

Next Updates

We are going to focus on Arena/combat Roller next as well as the TLC of the Wardens. On the side, we are also gearing up for our next world event! 

6 new Backgrounds have been ordered for the game as well! 

Summer Sale Schedule 

We will be hosting our summer Sale on the start of July 1st! We intend to have a few special advents this year as well up for auction in this sale! 


Completed Maintenance

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Site Maintenance has concluded! Please refresh your cache as we cleaned up a few stray CSS errors.

  •  Forums now have boards you can post to! I am completing the administrative guides currently.
    • We have added many things from dA to the forums including trackers, leasing permissions, etc. Essentially: All of our processes are now on site!
  • Galleries are now set up and can be posted to!
    • I have opened all past events for you to submit to - though only submit your artwork/literature! Do not post someone elses' work!
  • Reports are live and you can now submit bug reports directly to the site!
  • Donation shop is live!
  • Dragon's gift shop includes both the new player gift box (Everyone can claim!) and the Maintenance Package gift!
    • New player gift box will give you the beginner award. Staff will be going through and removing the old award system so that we use the current one and not log awards as items, but as awards!

We are still aware of the Text editor having too light of text to make it very hard to see - we are working on a solution to this!