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Unexpected Downtime

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Apologies for the unexpected downtime of the site - we encountered an user error and had to spend some time fixing it! Everything should be restored. 


If you go to the Dragon's Gifts shop you will find that an extra maintenance package is obtainable! We apologize for any inconvience this may have caused! 

Crafting, Caving, and more!

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Hello everyone, I have lots to go over in depth in this news post! We've been hard at work with getting things up to date and new features functioning. 

You can read the patch notes here. You will find a variety of bug fixes and enhancements listed here that are not listed elsewhere.

Old World Genotype Uploads

You can now upload your "old world" genos without an image. To do so submit a claim and please only submit 5 per claim! We will work through the log as quickly as possible! 


Crafting is here! With it is a lot of changes from our original crafting system - for those who remember. You won't level up in crafting anymore, instead you will need to find the recipes by particpating in daily activities. To access Crafting, select the Activities drop down and select Crafting! You can view all recipes by selecting Recipes on the left hand side. The main page will show you what recipes you have unlocked.

The blueprint, and newt familiar, which previously effected "crafting pass rate" will now effect daily activities. Using them makes it much easier to find the recipe fragments, which you will craft together to make recipe pages. These crafting recipes for Recipe Pages are a free recipe. Recipe pages are considered a "box" that you can open in your hoard. Recipe pages and fragments can be traded between players.


Caving has been released! Caving is a new daily activity where you can depict your dragons exploring caves and cave like structures. Here you will find precious gems and materials used in many recipes. The Duffel bag has been added to the game, as well as the caving charm. 

Diamond bug familiars now also have a use - they will increase your caving pass chance!

Fishing Update

Fishing has been updated with all new loot tables! It is now in line with the rest of our activites where different items may appear in different regions. 

Daily Activity General Updates

We clened up the loot tables for the daily activity prompts, you can better read these now using spoiler tags! 

In addition, we are releasing a new feature where you can submit Four "Free" Daily activity prompts a month. Once dragon master rank, you can submit a 5th! These free rolls do not require art/lit entries but can still fail, and you cannot use the sinister no fail buff on them. You can however use any of your dragons, and any items you may have otherwise. Submit the prompt as usual, but where it has a link for "entry" put "1/4 Free roll" etc. 

Activity pass chance numbers increased:
Beginner: 65%
Stable Hand: 75%
Dragon Tamer: 85%
Dragon Master: 95%

Design Review Changes

We have started uploading images directly to the site, so now you will do the same in design review. Please still include the stash link in the form for now! Make sure you disable the crop feature and simply reupload the image as the thumbnail. 

Frog eye's "pupil" may now mimix the dragon's eye trait.  

Vignette (nVi/ViVi) renamed to Filigree (nFi/FiFi) - if you own a dragon with this marking, please submit a claim to get the geno/pheno updated!

Pale eyes' pupil are now allowed to be lighter than the iris without being blind but cannot be white. They can still be slightly darker as well.

Import Extras and Effects has been created! The link has also been fixed. This is missing images, but those will come soon! This covers things like eye color, flesh color, etc. We've loosened up a lot of the rules, such as wing membranes, so be sure to give this a look! 

Fourms// Primal and Mastery Point Trackers

Primal Point creation and maintenance guides have been created. You can now begin porting/making your trackers on the forums.
Master point creation and maintenance guides have been created. You can now begin porting/making your trackers on the forums.
Forum guidelines set up
Forum Patchnotes set up (not backlogged, you are here!)

Next Updates

We are going to focus on Arena/combat Roller next as well as the TLC of the Wardens. On the side, we are also gearing up for our next world event! 

6 new Backgrounds have been ordered for the game as well! 

Summer Sale Schedule 

We will be hosting our summer Sale on the start of July 1st! We intend to have a few special advents this year as well up for auction in this sale! 


Completed Maintenance

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Site Maintenance has concluded! Please refresh your cache as we cleaned up a few stray CSS errors.

  •  Forums now have boards you can post to! I am completing the administrative guides currently.
    • We have added many things from dA to the forums including trackers, leasing permissions, etc. Essentially: All of our processes are now on site!
  • Galleries are now set up and can be posted to!
    • I have opened all past events for you to submit to - though only submit your artwork/literature! Do not post someone elses' work!
  • Reports are live and you can now submit bug reports directly to the site!
  • Donation shop is live!
  • Dragon's gift shop includes both the new player gift box (Everyone can claim!) and the Maintenance Package gift!
    • New player gift box will give you the beginner award. Staff will be going through and removing the old award system so that we use the current one and not log awards as items, but as awards!

We are still aware of the Text editor having too light of text to make it very hard to see - we are working on a solution to this! 

Site Maintenance

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Our scheduled maintenance on the site will begin in 2 hours! Please be aware that any changes you make (such as purchasing items, changing profiles, etc) may be reverted to before maintenance began. After maintenance is over, I will be hard at work getting our new features set up for everyone to use! Also, once maintenance is complete, I will notify everyone again!

Scheduled Maintenance

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Hey everyone! I have a few updates for the site as a whole so take a seat and enjoy the patch notes (Which are the best, don't @ me.) 


Lorekeeper Update

We are updating our website on May 26th to get it up to date with Lorekeeper features!  We will make an announcement on the day around 2 hours before the update as well.  Please do not interact with the site during this t ime - such as submitting claims/etc.

We are frighteningly behind on many updates, and this should get us back up to speed with the current stable branch updates! With it comes a lot of cool features like comments, gallery submissions that support both art and literature, bug reports, and many of the extensions we use now as just built in functions of Lorekeeper! 

In addition to  to this update, we are adding in a few extensions we feel the site could use! Below is a list of the changes coming to the site! 

  • Comments (
    • On profiles and select pages 
  • A credits page which will list every extension built into Lorekeeper + added outside of LK. 
  • Gallery submissions
  • Forums - we plan to use this for a variety of things such as:
    • PP/MP Tracking 
    • A conversation hub for all members both on / off discord 
    • Leasing Dragons 
  • Crafting - while installed, I have to sit down and actually fill this in, so while it will be here, it will need some set up! This is on my todo list as high priority! 
  • A sales page to notify everyone when a sale is open
  • Bug Reports - yo ucan report bugs directly on the site! 
  • Birthdays - with privacy so you can select if others can see it or not. 
  • A donation shop for players to donate and take from freely. 
  • A theme manager so we can have multiple themes to pick from! 
  • New character Lineages 
  • Custoim profile values for characters

More that I'm probably forgetting, it's a big update! This also fixes a lot of the bugs we have run into, and Draginraptor has even fixed our genotype pages so that they show all our genotype information to include lineage/etc like our designed Dragons have! 


Public Changelog

The following things were added/changed/etc and are on the public changelog: 

  • New Admin Account and guide forguide for Adoption Center
  • New CSS courtesy of Thundercat ! You will need to clear your cache to view it! 
  • New icons on the "home page" that shows your hoard/dragons/etc. 
  • Our DeviantArt Group page was finally updated with updated links. 
  • Dragon's blood is now set up as a box and will reward rarity vouchers for various traits instead of specific traits.
    • You will be able to sell unwanted trait vouchers to a shop for crystals on may 26th.
    • Dragon's blood vials were removed from the emporium, you can purchase them in claims for 5 Dragon soul coins until the 26th - after that they will need to be crafted or obtained in activities/events. 
    • The dragon's blood roller was removed fro mthe rollers drop down. 
  • Aether Restoration prompts have added to the site with their forms. 
  • Soul linking and its links fixed on the site, also now include their prompts! 
  • Daily activities now have their missing forms! 
  • Feather ears changed to "tuft ears" 
  • Common coat changed to "Velour Coat" 
  • All imports and rollers updated for trait changes - if you notice your dragon has incorrect traits please submit a claim! 
  • Nesting slot token to starters added as an item and now a purchasable item from the Emproium using dragon soul coins! The price reflects USD price so no matter if use coins or USD it is the same. 
  • Changed awards and meta icons 
  • Removed Traveling Bazaar permanently 
  • Added Dragon's Gift shop which will allow users to obtain free gifts from the site
  • Fixed Dunstripe guide to show stalker duinstripe and not stalker blanket. 
  • Fixed error with Greater Emperor range images not showing. 
  • All Dragons on the website now have images reuploaded directly - we will no longer be linking imports from dA but instead will have them uploaded directly to the site. 
  • All starters now have a  star emojo infront of their display names, with special starters having one at the front and end. Retired starters do not have these emojis. 

DB, Sale, and More

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I have a few updates to share with the community so buckle up! 

Dragon's Blood Changes

Starting today, Dragon's blood will be changed so that it is rolled by the player as a "box" (Like loot chests or carcasses). You will get a voucher that is labeled a rarity and trait type. I.e. a "common marking blood voucher" or a "mythic eye trait voucher" will be possible from the dragon's blood. This does however mean a few things. 

  • Dragon's blood can no longer be purchased from the shops. 
  • Dragon's blood will be craftable - but will retain its difficulty. 
  • All other places you find the item (quests/loot box/events/etc) it will appear still, including the current ability to buy limited quanities in event shops per account. 
  • Old Dragon's blood vouchers prerolled will not be changed to fit this new system. They still are the same, but you can trade them in a claim to earn back the dragon soul coins you used to purchased them. 

In addition to these changes, due to making the item more rare, we are going to make it so you can add more than one voucher per dragon, with limitations. 

  • At every rank you can add an extra voucher to a dragon. (4 vouchers in total)
  • No more than one rarity of voucher can be added (If you add a mythic eye, you cannot add another mythic trait or marking/etc) 
  • Only two vouchers added can be marking vouchers with the same above rule. 

We hope this change eases the system and lets players have a little more agency in "upgrading" their dragons over time! 

Spring Sale

The spring sale ends on the 20th at midnight CST, so make sure you get your orders in! The next seasonal sale won't be until Summer! 

Website updates and Imports

We are behind a good chunk of Lorekeeper updates - so we have to do some house cleaning before we can do our update! We will be starting with our import images which will be uploaded directly onto the site so you will find notifications of your dragons being updated the next few days! It's just us cleaning up the images so they have an uploaded image and not just a link to dA (Which will remain!).  Because we have so many hand made content outside of LK we have to make sure we update properly and preserve our unique content. 

Public Changelog 
  • All Eggs now have a random and species specific type option. 
  • All marking guides have examples of current dragons added to Guides. 
  • Agouti added to color mutation guide list. (Still no guide) 
  • Fixed an error where Dusted was listed before Duo - tone in the genetics portal 
  • Fixed Cloud (nCd/CdCd) label in the genetics portal (Was set to nCl/ClCl) 
  • All color modifier sliders now have melanistic bars. 
  • Various adjustments to links around the site
    • Genetics portal made into its own clickable link on nav bar 
    • Bread crumb trail fixes 
    • Site timezone chanfed to CDT (From EDT) 
    • "Official Registered Dragons" -> Official Dragons / My Dragons/Etc 
    • "Official Registered Slots" -> Genotypes 
    • Game and Guides changes to Misc and moved to the right of the nav bar. 
    • Nesting odds, hatchery ods, seasonal sales, and staff applications moved to misc. 
    • Home drop down removes, items in this tab were moved to the "profile" tab. 
    • Placeholder activity guide added to activity drop down. 
    • Claims removed from acitivty drop down. 
    • Design review removed from activity drop down. 
    • Primal and Mastery points moved to Activity 
    • Encyclopedia moved to Masterlist 
    • Shops moved to Activity. 
    • World Expanded moved to Lore
    • Prompts removed from Game and guides. 
    • Trades and Transfers moved to submit menu. 
  • Slot Tokens now exist! This item is used to track nesting slots on site. You can read more about the item below. 
  • Skill charms and Breath potions now allow you to pick the skill/breath from the parents you want to potential pass down. 
  • Nesting submission form updated to include more information for admins. 
  • Food shop items now hav e been updated to include an item for every diet. 
    • Dragons who eat their specialized foods will gain more health than eating foods they don't prefer. I.e. A carnivore who eats a Rack of Ribs will gain 100 health, while if a herbivore eats it they will only gain 80 health.
    • All ingredients are considered "petty" food items and give very little health. Other food items rank in quality of Low, Medium, high, and Premium with the amount of health they give scaling up for both preferred and non preferred diet choices.
    • Omnivore species can eat ALL foods and have a specialized Premium food.
    • These items are not currently craftable - but can be purchased for crystals in the food shop. Once crafting has returned, the prices of these items will increase.
    • Petty food items should accuratly reflect their price and rarity details. 
  • Healing Shrine prompt created and explains how to heal your dragon with items or art/lit.

Nesting and Updates

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I have a small assortment of updates to make everyone aware of! 

General Changes and Updates

Let's start with some nesting updates: 

  • Vigilant dragons previously were coded for a +10 chance per parent of an extra egg buff 
  • Aggressive Dragons now have a +10 chance per parent for breath passing 
  • Calm Dragons still retain their +10 chance per parent for mutation passing 
  • Sinister dragons have a +10 chance per parent for a skill to pass - the parents must have a skill for this to take effect. 

Nesting and Hatchery both have their trait lists updated to match the new names of changed traits (i.e. wild tail was changed to Crocuta and so on). This should illmeminate some of the errors we have had with logging genos! Hatchery now also rolls Sapiere's properly for all your troller testing desires and nesting roller got an update to text color to make it more visible.

Primal Point Calculator received following updates:

  • Personal art and BG bonus now apply properly to Literature too
  • BG bonus now appears on the right hand side, no longer just under Art (Meaning it can be applied to animated and icons/pixel)
  • Various number fixes so that the calculator matches the number updates from a little bit ago.

Marking: Gemstone

Gemstone now covers 60% in recessive (from 40%) and 100% in dominant


Crafting will return soon, and will no longer have experience tied to it. We will be using an extension built by Draginraptor which will streamline crafting! 


- The sale ends on the 20th of May 

- The Great Egg Hunt ends on the 6th of May



We will be doing an update to the site after the end of the Egg Hunt to clean up some back end and update features of Lorekeeper as well as add in new features! You may experience some downtime during this time period!

Egg Hunt and Spring Sale

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Good afternoon! I come bearing news of our event and spring  sale! 


Miscellanious News 
  • We are still looking for new staff, especially in our design approval section! If you are interested, please check out our documentation here!
  • We are working on tidying up the site and adding new functionality during the month of April, so you may some changes or bugs occur while we work on this! 
  • Warden Dragons are still pending their line update, and now that I haver access to much more stable internet, this will be worked on during this month! 
Great Egg Hunt 

The Great Egg hunt is back! With it comes a new annual event currency, like we did in the Grand Harvest, excerpt instead of Gourds, we have Wooden Eggs! Wooden Eggs are earned by completing the event prompts and can be turned in at the Great egg Hunt Event shop during the event and after it closes. 

The Great Egg hunt will start at 5 pm CST today, and will end on May 6th at 23:59 CST.  It features two prompts for all members of the game, and a third prompt exclusive to new members who do not own dragons yet, so it is a fantastic event for new players to join in on and get their very own Common Dragon Egg! 

  • EH: An Interesting Nest: Rescule or steal dragons from nests! 
    • Rewards: Wooden Eggs, 4 Items from the Egg Hunt Loot Table
  • EH: Safety Transport: Transport eggs from one place to another safely! 
    • Rewards: Wooden Eggs, 4 Items from the Egg Hunt Loot Table  
  • EH: A New Journey: New players can earn their very first dragon here!
    • Rewards: Wooden Eggs, 4 Items from the Egg Hunt Loot Table, 1 common Dragon Egg
    • This event prompt can only be completed once by new members! 

Particpation in any event grants you the 2021 Egg Hunt Trophy! 


The spring sale will last from April 6th to May 20th.  The sale is available now and a countdown will be added to our group page! 

You can view the prices for the sale here. 

Please remember items listed as " Not Available outside of special occasions" Are not available in this sale. 

Tier 4 Starts are finally being added to the site and will be available in the sale. Designs for our new starters are still pending, but will be completed during the month of May! 

In adition to this sale:

  • Every purchase $50 or more will get you a free Dragon Soul Coin Bundle (25 DSC)! 
  • Every 1 Starter slot purchase you get an extra slot from that same tier! 

To purchase items in the sale, please submit a claim with the following form: 

Paypal: (Your paypal for invoice) 

Purchase Details: (What are you ordering? How much of each?) 

Need a Payment Plan?: (If yes, please detail the plan!) 


If you have questions, please direct them to our group notes or to our discord! 

Quick Update

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Hey everyone, Cryptid here with a few things to go over! 

You may have noticed it's been a tad quiet. This is because I had some things going on in my personal life that needed my full attention to handle. I had to step away from Souls for a while to handle these things, and I am still handling them currently. I'm in a place now where I can check in on Souls nearly every day, and I'm slowly working myself back up to doing work at a healthy pace. At the time, this was news I only shared in the discord, and I appreciate everyone's understanding as I focus on my mental well being! The good news, is that I'm mostly back in a state I can do work. This means things will start happening again, but be mindful it's still at a slow pace and at what I can handle. 

Here's a few things we will be doing over the next few weeks/months: 

  1. The Great Egg Hunt
  2. Fleshing out location history and lore 
  3. New Website Skin for Spring (Sorry winter :C) 
  4. Continued development on Genetics and other game mechanics (such as giving all temperaments use outside of selective activties) 

Additionally I'll be bugging our resident coding gremlin about our Combat roller and work on our crafting roller. Once these are sorted, these activities will be ready in full swing!

Our Staff applications are open! We need extra hands in a few areas, so apply where you'd like to help us!



Please be aware that our staff may be affected by the difficult and dangerous weather happening right now! This means some areas may be slower than others as they stay safe and tend to their families! We are working to keep queues clear and up to date.

New Year Reopening!

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Hey everyone, the new year has come around and while a bit late (I apologize!) we have reopened the site. 

Unfortunatly our design section didn't get many things completed, so this area is still a bit backed up but the requests at the time of opening are in single digits. We will get these covered as our staff is coming off breaks and holidays. 

We are still looking for new staff members, and if you're interested in joining our team please check out our Staff Applicants.

More news about the Frigid Festival will be around in the coming days, I'm still recovering from the holidays so things may seem a little slow!