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Unlike Expeditions, Questing is designed to get more focused, and sometimes rarer, materials. Questing also features Side Quests which can get you specially focused items based on the side quest prompt you choose. Some items are found in questing that you won't find in expeditions.

You can view all quests and their loot here.

There are five types of quests:

  • Basic Quests: Anyone can complete a basic quest, this gives the more common item types.
  • Intermediate Quests: Only dragons who have completed their Low Class Magic can complete Intermediate Quests. You get more uncommon to rare items here.
  • Master Quests: Only dragons who have completed their High Class Magic can complete MAster Quests. You get more rare to mythic items here.
  • Grand Quests: Only dragons who have achieved Grand Status can complete these quests. (Coming Soon!)
  • Aberrant Quests: Only Aberrant dragons can complete these quests. (Coming Soon!)

Not all quests are available all the time. Quests go through a rotation where certain quests are available at certain times. This rotation is Seasonal. If you do not complete a quest in time, you will need to wait until the rotation comes back. However, if you get rejected for fixes, you will be able to resubmit with a link to the rejected prompt included. 

Active quests can be found on the main page of the site via the quest board.

Submission Form
This form must be filled out and added to your prompt!

If you have multiple dragons, please fill out a form for each dragon unless the information is identical for all dragons! Only input skills, familiars, and items that can be used in the activity. If you forget to enter the form in your initial submission, add it to the comments section of your submission.

Entry Link: (Link the to artwork/literature
Player Rank: (What is your rank?)
Quest Name: What is the name of the quest?
Quest Link: Link the Quest Page

Aberrant %: (None, 25%, 50%, or 100%)
Skills: (What skills are active?)
Completed Trials: (Morality/Spirit)
Temper: (What temper does your dragon have?)
Pets: (What pets are active?)
Items: (What items have you added?)
Active Status Effects: (Type and Number, i.e. Blight x2)

CE Total: (Character Points)
EE Total: (Player Points)
(Include the CE breakdown from the CE calculator)
(Include the EE breakdown from the EE calculator)

BASIC REQUIREMENTS_________________________________________________________
Under no circumstances may you show another player's character or another ARPG/CS species being hunted!
  • 50% of all character bodies must be present. 
  • Color or flats is required - shading is not. 
  • Simple Background (Two background elements, either foreground, middle ground, or background)
  • The max amount of dragon allowed in a piece is 5. 
    • Collab pieces may have 5 dragons per owner in a piece. Meaning if two players collab together they can submit 10 dragons. The dragons do not have to belong to the player.
  • Follow the detailed information and include appropriate items for the submission in the piece.


  • Word count: 600 words 
    • Collab partners must reach a combined total word count. The count increases 600 per collab partner (i.e. 2 people is 1,200 words, and 3 people is 1,800 words). Each partner does not need to write 600 words total, but should contribute a decent portion to the word count. 
  • A background must be depicted in at least one sentence. 
  • The max amount of dragon allowed in a piece is 5. 
    • Collab pieces may have 5 dragons per owner in a piece. Meaning if two players collab together they can submit 10 dragons. The dragons do not have to belong to the player.
  • Follow the detailed information and include appropriate items for the submission in the piece.

Injuries and Status Effects_________________________________________________________
If your dragon has no health, or a critical status effect, they may not particpate in Expeditions! Apply the needed item from your hoard to heal status effects or visit the Healing shrine to heal your dragon's health.
Characters can take a wide range of damage in activities, from having scuffles that take minor damage, to large amounts of damage being removed lost. Losing health is not the end of the world and the amount of health is not enough to knock your dragon out if they are at full health.

Aberrant characters however will lose a lot more health on occassion because of their status. Be sure you manage your health!
Status Effects
The following Status Effects can occur during expeditions! They will roll for all future expeditions until you heal them with items from your hoard.

Minor Poison - Deals 10 damageper Status.
- Healed with Antidote
- Becomes major poison if ten stack 
Major Poison - Deals 20 damage per Status.
- Healed with Hemlock Syrup
Broken Bone - Deals 20 damage per Status.
- Healed with Splint and Cast
Minor Wound - Deals 10 damage per Status.
- Healed with Bandages
Blighted - Deals 30 damage per Status.
- Healed with Tea

Pass Rates and Injury Chances_________________________________________________________
Pass Chance
The pass chance is tied to your dragon's overall rank and then altered with other factors. 

- Fledgling - 35% chance 
- Primal - 45% chance 
- Ancient - 55% chance 
- Primordial - 65% chance 

When your dragon has earned their magic, their chances of passing quests increases by 5% each time. Meaning a Primordial with high class unlocked will have 75% chance of passing any quest. 

Every quest is broken down into a specific type where one to even three different magic discipline can gain a 5% boost to passing the quest. The types are as follow: 

- Non-Magic 
- Arcane
- Illusionist
- Elementalist 
- Healing
- Enchantment 

Other ways to increase your pass chance: 
- Including a bonded dragon/companion or a dragon from your flight increases your chance by 10% (does not stack)
- Including a dragon that is not from your flight or bonded will increase your chance by 5% (does not stack)
- If your Dragon has their Morality Trials completed it will increase your chance by 5%
- Having the Bunny Familiar can increase your chance of passing.
Injury/Status Chance
Dragons can become injured in questing, but their injuries can sometimes be more bothersome. The rank of your dragon determines their base injury chance, all chances are out of 100. 

- Fledgling - 40% chance 
- Primal - 30% chance 
- Ancient - 20 % chance 
- Primordial  - 10% chance 
If a dragon is timid they will have -5% to their injury chance. 
If a dragon is aggressive they will have a +5% to their injury chance.

Allowed Items and Skills_________________________________________________________
Items and Pets
The following Items can be used in questing:
- Emergency Supplies: Bring back an extra Item.
- Pearl Necklace: Prevent Failing a quest.
- Book of empyrean: Return max loot.

The following Pets can be used in questing: 

- Bunny: Increase Pass chance.
- Racoon: Bring back an extra item. 
- Red Panda: Increase the CE by +2 for the dragon it is attached to. 
- Porcupine: Increase Defense and get less chance of injuries! 
- Pangoline: Decreases chance of a Status effect. 
Skills and Other
The following skills can be used in Questing:

- Hoarder
- Life of the Party

The following Other can be used in questing: 
- Taming 
- Extra Dragon 
- Bonded Companions 


No rewards.


No skill increase.

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