Adoption Sanctuary - Adoption

Adoption Sanctuary - Adoption

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Welcome to the Adoption Center

The adoption center serves as a community driven resources for new and old players alike to get new characters. All genos and characters found in the adoption center are donated by the community, and not added via random generation by staff. If the center is empty, you will need to wait until players donate to the center.

If you are a new player and do not own any characters, ensure you visit the Dragon's Gift Shop to obtain a free common egg!


Adopting a Character

It is 100% free to adopt a character. Players are allowed to adopt a character once per month from the adoption center. These characters can not be sold, traded, gifted, or returned to the center for 90 days.


First Choice Link:(Link your first choice adoption!)
Second Choice Link:(Link your second choice adoption in case the first is claimed by someone before you!)

View the Adoption Sanctuary here!
Surrendering a Character

Go to the prompt for Releasing Characters!

Releasing a Character

Go to the prompt for Releasing Characters!




No rewards.


No skill increase.

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