Trials of Aether


The Trials of Aether

All creatures are in tune with the magic of the world - some more so than others. While across the empires there are those who would shun all things magical there are even more who accept and embrace magic. All beings are born with varying magic within them, but it takes a lot of study and practice to unleash the full power of the magic they hold. They do this by completing their Aether trials.


Types of Magic

Souls-Between features freedom in the types of magic that are available. Just because it isn't listed, doesn't mean it doesn't belong to one of these categories. Each category is intended to be broad and open for interpretation, but we have included examples to help you pick where your character's magic might fall.

  • Arcane Magic: Summoning, animating inanimate objects, and binding souls to objects or bodies (such as necromancy).
  • Illusionist Magic: Shape shifting, altering one’s body or the image of oneself in the eyes of another. Can sometimes even cast illusions on others
  • Elementalist Magic: The ability to use elements to create items, deal damage, or effect their surroundings in minor ways.
  • Healing Magic: The ability to heal oneself and others. Can sometimes reverse serious illness or injuries for a short time such as granting temporary sight to the blind.
  • Enchantment Magic: The ability to enchant objects with magical abilities, or use these objects to their fullest potential. Can sometimes remove enchantments from objects, but not often if the enchantment stems from dark magic.


You can mix and match your magic types for high and low classes! Please note however you only get the bonus that magic type gives for that class. So you won't be able to claim the quest bonus for high class quests if your high class magic does not match. Additionally, any Aether Talents are only earned via the high class you choose - not the low class.

Aether Classes
Basic Class

Rank Requirements: N/A, Any Dragon can do this!

  • Boost to quest Passing
  • Use of Magic without items in combat

This is the first trial in your aether journey. The first step that is taken and their introduction to magic. It might be something they learn during danger or through long hours of study. Some dragon’s find a mentor to teach them while others learn on their own.

Discovering magic is the first step in awakening the aether that lives in us all. For dragons and other mystical creatures alike, this is often a momentous occasion. All beings have a trace of magic inside them, and the strength of your magic is thought to be related to your spiritual ties to the Aether realm. To awaken the basic class, a character must use their magic for their first time. Was it a chaotic accident? Were they trying to save themselves or another? Perhaps they were being foolish and accidently found their magic while cooking a chicken? Did they have a mentor that finally helped them produce that spark of magic?

Depict your character as they use their magic for the first time. This has endles possibilities and you may depict the magic in any form so long as it is clearly a magical ability. You are free to use your creative imagination to depict how your character uses their magic for the first time! It doesn’t have to match any particular magic type.

Low Class

Rank Requirements: Ancient Rank, Basic Class Magic

  • Boost to passing quests that match the magic type
  • Increase Magical Damage in combat
  • Access to low class quests

Your character begins to understand more of their magic ability and they pick a category to focus in. Their knowledge will grow, and their ability to use the magic will as well. Low class magic allows a character to pass quests that match up to their category better than that of dragons who only have their Basic Class Magic

Magic doesn't always go the way you want. It's often uncontrollable and wild, no matter how much you think you know it something will always happen. Did you try to light a candle and accidentally burn a house down? Did you have a magical explosion and accidentally injure yourself / others, maybe you couldn't heal someone you wanted to heal.

Depict a time things didn't go according to plan with magic! It can be a major or a minor incident so long as it was something your dragon didn’t plan on hapening and matches with the magic type you chose. (This can be different from your future High Class magic if you want!)


High Class

Rank Requirements: Primordial Rank, Low Class Magic

  • Aether Talent Unlocked based on Magic type
  • Highest boost to passing quests that match magic type
  • Increase of magical damage in combat
  • Access to high class quests

Characters have chosen to further their study in a particular type of magic. Because of the toll on a dragon’s body, mind, and soul, they are only ever capable of learning one magic type to its highest form, and should they choose to learn another, they lose the ability to use their mastery of the previous learned class. No one is for certain why this happens.

All great dragons at one point or another have a grand display of their magic where they are at top form. What is it like when your dragon is at peak form? What is their grand dispaly? Do they summon an entire whirlwind of fire, raise an army of skeletons behind them, do they manage to cast a protective barrier around an entire city or cure a deadly plague? Maybe they managed to cast an illussion wide enough to cover an entire town.

Depict your dragon at peak form giving the show of their lives. The magic depicted has to match with one of the Magic types (This can be a different magic from your Low Class magic!



Arcane - Aetherling’s Favor

With such talent in the arcane arts your dragon has attracted the attention of an Aetherling. The spirit is stronger than those you’ve come across before and appears each time you find yourself in trouble.

A skill that summons an Aetherling as a battle pet in Crucible/Event Battles. It does take up one of the two battle pet slots, but is considerably stronger than normal pets.

Aetherling Summon Stats:
Raw damage: 10
Bleed: 5
Magic: 45
Breath: 30

Elemental - Perfect Nest

With the elements on their side the dragon is able to create a perfect nest to help in the nesting process. No longer will a nest be too cold or too warm, always will it be perfect.

A skill that increases the Nesting Item limit +1
(If both Dam and Sire have it it’s +2)

Healing - Revitalizing Aura

You’ve seen broken bones, perhaps you’ve even been poisoned! It always looks quite painful but no matter how bad it gets you can’t let it get in your way. You can cure others of blindness- but you can’t heal your own injuries. Maybe you cat at least mitigate the pain?

A skill that allows you to ignore the repercussions of status effects during activities. All additional dragon’s in the image along with your dragon will not take additional damage from status effects.

Extra Bonus: You can also heal the blind by submitting a claim!

Enchantment - Endless Satchel

A basic necessity for all enchanters, a satchel that seems to have no end! Now you can carry everything you ever need with you, maybe even other dragos could fit in there? The possibilities are endless.

A skill that gives +2 items in all activities/events.

Illusion - Timeless Transformation

While many dragons can learn how to take on one additional form your dragon has mastered the art of illusion. After a brief study they are able to mimic the shape of anything they have seen before!

A skill that allows your dragon to be depicted in alternate forms in official souls pieces. The forms have to follow the dragons markings/colors and be recognizeble as them!

Submission Form
If you submitted the prompt and realize you’re missing something, please post it in the comments of your submission!

When you submit a piece for multiple dragons, only submit characters who are getting the same level of magic at one time - so if one dragon is completing the first tier they will be seperate from the rest who may be gaining the second tier.

Entry Link:  (Insert the link to the art/lit piece)
Dragon:  (SB-0000 + Name)
Aether Trial Tier:  (Basic, Low, High)
Magic Type:  (Arcane, Elemental, Healing, Enchantment, Illusion)
Pets and Skills:  (What pets and skills are added that effect CE/EE?)
Total CE:
Total EE:

If a character is only getting CE and not their Aether Trials, please submit them in a CE Prompt!


  • Full Body (50%) of the character must be present and visible.
  • Full color and shading is required - you may use pallets and color scheme for different effects so long as the markings and character is easily identifiable.
  • Up to Four characters may receive their Aether Awakening from a prompt!
  • A Complex background must be visible (Foreground, Middleground, and background elements)
  • Prompts must be depicted clearly.
  • Collaborations are allowed. Each Collab partner may have Four characters present, allowing for a total of Eight characters to receive their Aether Awakening in a prompt!
  • Word Count Minimum: 1,000 Words Solo, +1,000 Words for each additional Collab Partner.
  • Up to Four characters may receive their Aether Awakening from a prompt!
  • A Complex background must be depicted (One paragraph at a minimum)
  • Prompts must be depicted clearly.
  • Collaborations are allowed. Each Collab partner may have Four characters present, allowing for a total of Eight characters to receive their Aether Awakening in a prompt!


No rewards.


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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