Pet and Gear Selling

Pet and Gear Selling

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Selling your Pets, Armor, and Gear
This is a temporary submission until we have the function to sell these items via your profile! 
Selling your pets, gear, and weapons can be done by submitting this form. In this prompt you will find the sell price for each pet, gear, and weapon in the game. You are not able to add these items to your prompt, in the case of pets you will need to name them so we know to remove them! Admins will do their best to not sell any gear or pets that are attached to characters.


  • General Pets: 300 Moon Gems
  • Combat Pets: 400 Moon Gems
  • Celestial Feline and Event Pets: 500 Moon Gems
Weapons and Gear
  • Aether and Crystalline Armor: 500 Moon Gems


SUBMISSION FORM_________________________________________________________
If you forget the form please post it in the comments of your prompt submission!

Total Gear: (the total number of Gear you are selling. Max Per Prompt is 10)
Total Pets: (The total number pets you are selling. Max Per Prompt is 10) 
Pet Names: (What are the names of the pets you are selling? They must be named and not attached to any characters!) 
Total Reward: (How much should these add up to?)

Please limit the number you are submitting to 10 pets and gear total per submission!


No rewards.


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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