Nesting Submissions (Full)

Nesting Submissions (Full)


Nesting Submissions

Nesting is the main way to get new characters in Souls-Between. You can submit your characters for nesting with another character after the trials of Oroburos have been completed for all involved characters. During nesting, all markings have a chance to pass, while all traits have a chance to pass a specific rarity. Mutations are not garunteed but have some items and modifiers that will increase their chance of passing.

Nesting Odds and Rates
In order to submit a nesting prompt you must have done or acquired the following:
  • Trials of Oroburos must be completed for all characters involved in a nesting submission.
  • You must have the permission written by the owner to the slot of a character that does not belong to you.
  • The character must have slots available.
  • If the character is a starter, you must have a valid nesting token to use the starter slot.


FULL AND SPLIT SLOTS_________________________________________________________

Full and split slots differ in a few way - select the options below to learn the differences and how they work.


RULES AND CONDUCT_________________________________________________________
  • Players are allowed to price slots how they see fit. Be it for art or for literature.
  • Players are allowed to sell slots to whom they wish to or not to. If a player refuses to sell to you that is their choice.
  • Players who do split slots are allowed to divide up the genos how they see fit. If a player is dishonest about their deal with you, please report the player with proof.
  • Rules on no trading/selling cannot be enforced in the game system - if someone breaks this rule of yours it is your duty to report the player with proof and we will issue a warning or strike.
Not Allowed
  • You may not demand to be given something from a litter if the slot permission is a full slot to the other player.
  • You may not create restrictions that prevent players from nesting a character with other characters for any reason - even lore reasons.
  • You may not restrict a player from using any nesting items in their nesting permissions.
  • You may not promise a player slots to a dragon that does not have its trials of oroburos completed unless they are doing the trials for the slot.
  • You may not promise a player slots to a dragon that does not have slots available unless they are completing work to level your dragon.
  • Unlimited slots may not be written.
  • Do not harass a player for slots to their character.


SUBMISSION FORM_________________________________________________________
If you forget the form please post it in the comments of your prompt submission!

Character 1 Slot Proof: (Link to Permission, belongs to me, or Token Added to Add ons)
Character 2 Slot Proof: (Link to Permission, belongs to me, or Token Added to Add ons)
Trial of Status: (Yes/No)
Nest Details: (Full/Split and number such as 1/3 april. If Split, list the split partners name.)
Roll if inbred?: (yes/no)
Items Used:
(Check items section of prompt to see limitations)

  • Radiance/Agouti Bond: (Yes/no, if yes what rarity and color?)
  • Serpent or Starter Present?: (Yes/no) 
  • Soul Twine?: (Which dragon is the "sire" and which is the "dam". The Dam sets the egg limit.)
  • Skill Charm: (Yes/no, if yes please pick the skills you want on parents to potentially pass) 
  • Breath Potion: (Yes/no, if yes please pick the breaths you want on parents to potentially pass) 
  • Temper Potion: (Yes/no, if yes please pick the temper you want to potentially pass - Remember it relies on your chosen parents ability to produce that temper) 
  • Dragon's Instinict: (Yes/no, if yes please pick the species you want to potentially pass - Remember it relies on one of your chosen parents to be that species!)
  • Any other items/familiars?: (Please list out, or remove/ or N/a)

Under characters, add the character and their ID as is on the masterlist.  The character does not have to belong to you, you just have to have the permission to use it. 
Under Add ons, add on any necessary items to the nesting.

There is a limit to the number of items you may use in a nesting. 
  • Modifiers are limited to 4 items 
  • Buffs/Debuffs are not limited, but not all stack with Modifiers

The Nesting roller is set up with these limits in mind, so adding more than allowed will give you an error return.


No rewards.


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt 5 time(s) per month .

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