What is the Hatchery

While nesting is the main way to gain characters, you can hatch characters from eggs as well! Most eggs are completely random on what they will give you, but some eggs may give you specific species, or may let you pick what species you want to choose. Some eggs even have twins or no lineage!

Egg Hatching Rates
Remember that egg hatching is a gamble! Even if you have the best egg in the game it can return results you may not like!


TYPES OF EGGS_________________________________________________________

Over easy? Scrambled? No not here! We have four types of eggs that have different potential results. There is a fifth egg, known as an unfertilized egg. This is just a crafting item you can get from nesting fledgling characters and getting no genotypes as a result!

WHERE DO EGGS COME FROM?_________________________________________________________
Eggs do not appear in all activities!

Currently eggs are earned in events and festivals, as well as loot chests.
First Time Owners (FTO) can obtain their first character egg from the Dragon's Gifts shop.


SUBMITTING YOUR EGG_________________________________________________________
Where is the form?

Submitting an egg does not require a form. You only need to add ONE egg per prompt submission in the add ons.
If the egg is player chosen type, please make sure you post in the submission what species you want to avoid any delayes.


No rewards.


No skill increase.

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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