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Adoption Center


Souls-Between players are able to adopt dragons from the adopt center. All dragons sent to our center are donated by the community.

Players are allowed to adopt 1 dragon per season, and cannot trade these dragons to another player until after the 90 day cooldown. Adopted dragons can be returned to the center regardless of the cooldown.

Adoption Center Tracker


How to Adopt 

You can view all adoptions by visiting Adoption_Center and either selecting "My Dragons" or "My Genotypes" on that account. My dragons will show you all designed and already approved dragons available for adoption, while My Genotypes will show you undesigned and unapproved genotypes. For Genotypes, you will need to make the design and submit them to design review once you own them. For My dragons, you can use them right as they are sent to your ownership! 

To adopt a dragon, select "Submit" drop down and Submit Prompt. From there find the Adoption Center selection and fill in the link to the dragon or genotype you wish to adopt in the comments. You are allowed to put in second and third options as the adoption center is first come first served. Select submit prompt and await a staff member to process your transfer request! 


You can only adopt a dragon once per season. Our seasons are: 

  • Winter: December, January, February 
  • Spring: March, April, May 
  • Summer: June, July, August 
  • Autumn: September, October, November

How to Donate/Release a Geno 

To donate a geno, select submit drop down -> submit prompt. From there find adoption center and in the URL put either "Wild Release" or "Surrender." Only Genos may be Wild relased! Wild Releasing a geno means that no other user can use the geno. The geno will be deleted and cannot be regained. 

In the comments, input the link to the geno or dragon and the math breakdown for its worth - staff will double check the math, but it helps speed up the process for staff to go through! Please limit your releases/surrenders to 5 per submission.  Donating and releasing a dragon will gain you crystals as a reward. 

Geno and Dragon Price breakdown

All return prices are in Crystals.

Type of release: 

  • Wild Release - no Reward 
  • Donation /Surrender of Genotype - 10 
  • Donation/ Surrender of Designed Dragon - 10 + 5 for every marking present on design.

Sex: No reward 


  • Stalker: 50 
  • Ravager: 100 
  • Warden: 200 
  • Greater Emperor: 300 
  • Sapiere: 400 


  • Vigilant: 10  
  • Aggressive: 20 
  • Calm: 30  
  • Sinister: 40 

Coat Type: 

  • Common: No Reward 
  • Plated: 25  
  • Feathered: 50
  • Angora: 75 
  • Imperial: 100 


  • Common: No Reward 
  • Uncommon: 10 
  • Rare: 20 
  • Mythic: 40 


  • Common: 50 
  • Uncommon: 100 
  • Rare: 200 
  • Mythic: 400 
  • Radiance: 60 Recessive / 120 Dominant 
  • Agouti: 30 Recessive/ 60 Dominant 
  • Still born: Cannot be released 


  • 10 each 

Coat colors (For combination colors, including melanism, add up every base coat letter present; i.e. all recessive Golden would be Recessive Umber (15) + Recessive Ivory (50), or melanistic with dominant haze would be Dominant Haze (60) + Recessive Vanta (80)).

  • Umber: 15 Recessive/ 30 Dominant 
  • Haze: 30 Recessive/ 60 Dominant 
  • Ivory: 50 Recessive/ 100 Dominant 
  • Vanta: 80 Recessive/ 160 Dominant 


  • Common: 5 Recessive / 10 Dominant
  • Uncommon: 15 Recessive / 30 Dominant 
  • Rare: 30 Recessive / 60 Dominant 
  • Mythic: 60 Recessive / 120 Dominant
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