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Game Pass Rates - What are they?

Souls Between has a degree of RNG like most ARPGs where you can fail certain activities or get certain rewards or results based on what is utilized gameply wise. Some activities have a lot of items that allow you to have a degree of control over what you could possibly obtain.  However, at the core of all activities, unless an exact item is garunteed, it is rng that decides your fate within the pass rates outlined in this guide. With the exception of the loot tables built into LK, all activities using a custom coded roller are available for players to explore and play with. 

We understand that sometimes you don't get what you would have liked out of an activity, and so we have gone to great lengths to make the rewards for your artistic and literature efforts worth getting, even if it might not be the exact item you were looking for. We have increased drop numbers, rewarding players for the time and effort it takes to create their art or writing, while free rolls and games are generally less numbers since these do not require the same amount of work and time. 

Free rolls use the same rolling pass rates and opportunities as non free rolls! The only difference is the amount of loot you can bring back without any modifying items, pets, or skills. Most free rolls will bring back 2 to 4 items, while items with art/lit entries tend to bring back 4 to 8 items without the additional modifiers.

If you ever feel something is rolled in error - or simply without the correct modifiers - we request you submit a claim with the evidence and links to the prompt! This way we can investigate and correct any errors. Everyone staff is a trustworthy member, so most errors are usually simple human errors, however if you suspect foul play, please create a bug report. Only Senior staff, coders, and developers can see reports.


What Effects Pass rates?


Character Rank 


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Character Skills and Temper


Character Trials





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Pass Rates

It is important to remember that these rates are based on random values assigned in a range with many modifiers! If you feel a roll has been done in error or is in some way incorrect, please submit a claim. If you feel a roll has been fixed in favor or against you or someone else, please submit a bug report with all supporting evidence.

Offspring Sex Chance

All offpsring from one parent to another has a 50% chance of being male, or 50% chance of being female.

The item Gender Potion can cause all hatchlings to be 100% the chosen sex.

Souls-Between allows players the freedom of gender expresion, and such you are allowed to ignore the sex for your lore purposes. A character's biological sex is purely for gameplay purposes in terms of nesting. To avoid crashing the market, the item Soul-Twine is necessary to breed same sex dragons.

Rank Bonuses

Rank only affects your nesting success rate! All failed nestingsd are given a single unfertilized egg. The only time you can fail a nesting is if you pair a fledgling to anything except primoridial, as such the below values are only for Fledgling x Other rank.

A fertility potion can be used to negate the failed nest with a fledgling character!

  • Fledgling x Fledgling:75% chance of failed nest
  • Fledgling x Primal: 50% chance of failed nest
  • Fledgling x Ancient: 25% chance opf failed nest
  • Fledgling x Primordial: 0% chance of failed nest
  • All other pairings of rank: 0% of failed nest
Inbreeding and Health

Inbreeding is an option in Souls, but comes at consequences! An inbred geno is a geno where the lineage has the same, grand parent, or great grandparent listed twice. Two characters nested together with the same great grandparent will not result in inbreeding since the offspring will not share that great grandparent.

There are no items to prevent inbreeding.

Inbreeding is rolled with each option of inbreeding being possible on an offspring. An inbred offspring can have multiple inbred mutations. Stillborn characters cannot be revived, and are a genotype page is not created for them.

  • Stillborn: 40% chance of passing
  • Infertile:60% chance of passing
  • Eyeless:10% chance of passing.
  • Blind:30% chance of passing. Blind characters do not have a disadvantage in Souls.
  • Crippled wings:5% chance of passing. Crippled wings does not give a disadvantage.
  • Mute:5% chance of passing. Mute does not give a disadvantage
  • Hydra Mutations:10% chance of passing. This appears in the mutations section of a character.
  • Miniature Mutation:5% chance of passing. This appears in the mutations section of a character.
  • Healthy:If all above do not pass, the genotype is Healthy.

Some mutations are allowed to be added to any genotype by player choice. The following mutations can be added, but all other's cannot.

  • Infertile
  • Blind
  • Crippled wings
  • Mute

Players are allowed to give their dragons other physical/mental disabilities that are not in the game, but these are not logged in the health status. They can be added to the character profile description. Remember to be respectful of others when doing so! Any offensive or innapropriate use of disabilities is against our community rules!

Species Egg Rates

Nesting sizes are set by the Dam and are random between 1 and the max unless a fertility potion is used, or one of the parents is Fledgling and the other is not primordil. In the case of the latter, the minimum clutch size is Zero and an Unfertilized Egg is granted to the player. Unfertilized eggs are only used in crafting or for selling.

Species are effected by the "Rare" and "New" Modifier when considering egg sizes. A Rare species belong to a Wyvern class may have less than the max until they are no longer considered rare for example. The minimum max size of any given species will always be 2. Any species that are effected by the mods will be listed below. Egg mods may or may not match the species rarity in species passing rates.

  • Wyverns: 4 Eggs Max
  • Dragons:4 Eggs Max
  • Drakes:3 Eggs Max
  • Emperors:3 Eggs Max
  • Basileus:3 Eggs Max
Tempers and Their Bonuses

Characters are born with a temperament - a natural behavioral category for your character. However, the actual representation of these tempers is optional. An aggressive dragon does not need to be protrayed aggresivley. These tempers determine certain bonuses in other activities, and even in nesting there are bonuses to different tempers.

  • Vigilant:
    • Chance for an extra egg in nesting.
    • One parent: +20 points to pass.
    • Both parents +40 points to pass.
  • Aggressive:
    • Higher chance to pass parent's breath - unable to choose the breath.
    • One parent: +10 points to pass.
    • Both parents +20 points to pass.
  • Calm:
    • Higher chance of offspring getting a mutation
    • One parent: +25 points to pass.
    • Both parents +50 points to pass.
  • Sinister:
    • Higher chance to pass a parent's skill - unable to choose the skill.
    • One parent: +5 points to pass.
    • Both parents +10 points to pass.

  • Vigilant x Vigilant: 1-80 Vigilant, 81-90 Aggressive, 91-96 Calm, 97-100 Sinister [80%|10%|6%|4%]
  • Vigilant x Aggressive: 1-70 Vigilant, 71-90 Aggressive, 91-94 Calm, 95-96 Sinister [70%|20%|4%|6%]
  • Vigilant x Calm: 1-60 Vigilant, 61-75 Aggressive, 76-95 Calm, 91-100 Sinister[60%|15%|20%|5%]
  • Vigilant x Sinister: 1-50 Vigilant, 51-85 Aggressive, 86-90 Calm, 91-100 Sinister[50%|35%|5%|10%]

  • Agressive x Aggressive: 1-35 Vigilant, 36-81 Aggressive, 81-100 Sinister [35%|45%|20%]
  • Agressive x Calm: 1-15 Vigilant, 16-55 Aggressive, 56-85 Calm, 86-100 Sinister [15%|45%|30%|15%]
  • Agressive x Sinister: 1-10 Vigilant, 11-70 Aggressive, 71-100 Sinister[10%|60%|30%]

  • Calm x Calm: 1-60 Vigilant, 61-100 Calm [60%|40%]
  • Calm x Sinister: 1-20 Vigilant, 21-40 Aggressive, 41-70 Calm, 71-100 Sinister[20%|20%|30%|30%]

  • Sinister x Sinister: 1-60 Aggressive, 61-100 Sinister [60%|40%]
Breath Pass Rates

All characters can gain up to two breaths either inherited from the parent, added via a breath tonic, or at random if no parent has a breath ability. If neither parent has a breath the offspring can only gain one breath.

  • Both Parents No Breath = The base chance for a random breath is 20% rolled across all breaths.
  • One Parent Has Breath = 1-10 chance to pass a parent's breath, rolled per breath.
  • Both Parents have Breath = 1 - 20 chance to pass a parent's breath, rolled per breath.
Skill Pass Rates

All offspring can gain two skills from their parents, however a total of 5 skills can be added per character. Unwanted skills can be removed at any time using an Aether Shard. Skills are seperated into three categories: General, Combat, and Legendary. General Skill

  • Both parents have no skills = No skills will ever pass randomly
  • One parent has Skills = 1-40 a Skill passes, 41-100 No Skill passes
  • Both Parents have skills = 1-50 A skill passes, 51-100 no skill passes

Combat Skill

  • Both parents have no skills = No skills will ever pass randomly
  • One parent has Skills = 1-20 a Skill passes, 21-100 No Skill passes
  • Both Parents have skills = 1-30 A skill passes, 31-100 no skill passes

Legendary Skill

  • Both parents have no skills = No skills will ever pass randomly
  • One parent has Skills = 1-10 a Skill passes, 11-100 No Skill passes
  • Both Parents have skills = 1-15 A skill passes, 16-100 no skill passes
Corruption Pass Rates

Corruption is passed in steps of 0%, 25%, 50%, and 100%.

  • 0% x 0% = Always 0%
  • 0% x 25% = 1-99 : 0%, 100 : 25%
  • 0% x 50% = 1-95 : 0%, 96-99 : 25%, 100 : 50%
  • 0% x 100% = 1-90 : 0%, 91-95 : 25%, 96-99 : 50%, 100 : 100%

  • 25% x 25% = 1-89 : 0%, 90-100 : 25%
  • 25% x 50% = 1-85 : 0%, 86-95 : 25%, 96-100 : 50%
  • 25% x 100% = 1-80 : 0%, 81-92 : 25%, 93-98 : 50%, 99-100: 100%

  • 50% x 50% = 1-75 : 0%, 76-90 : 25%, 91-100 : 50%
  • 50% x 100% = 1-70 : 0%, 71-85 : 25%, 86-97 : 50%, 98-100 : 100%

  • 100% x 100% = 1-60 : 0%, 61-80: 25%, 81-96: 50%, 97-100: 100%


Species Pass Rates

All species in souls are tagged with at least one of three tags to determine their pass rates. These tags can fluctuate based on how long the species has been in the game, or by lore reasons.

  • Standard: This is the standard pass rate. It is different based on the different species to ensure some form of rarity at the very base level.
  • New: For a time, a new species will have this tag. This tag usually lasts until the next species is released.
  • Rare: this means a species is considered rare in the game. This tag usually stays on for some time, until it is deemed the species is no longer rare in circulation in the community. However some species may retain this tag forever depending on lore reasons.

Species are given a rarity based on their class. For example, A Stalker Wyvern and a Ravager wyvern belong to the same class: Wyvern. However, a Warden Dragon is not the same class as a Stalker Wyvern. With this in mind, the following rates come into play based on the _Classes_ of species and the species itself.

  • Same Class pairing= The result is 50/50 in which species pass.
  • Different Class pairing = 60% goes to the more common species and 40% to the rarer or newer species. In case of older species, the release number is kept so that a species that released prior to the other is given the 40% pass rate.

The tags then add a modifier to these base values. If a species belongs to the standard pass rate, but has a Rare modifier, it is -10 to it its number. For example, if a Stalker wyvern pairs to a Greater emperor, the standard pass rate is 60/40 with the Emperor having 40 because it is "newer" than the Stalker wyvern. In addition to this, the Greater Emperor is also considered Rare, so it get's minus ten points to it's pass chance. This leaves the final points 70/30 with the Emperor getting 30 and the Stalker getting 70.

  • Rare: -10 pass chance granted to the rarer species. If both species are rare, the newest rare will gain the -10.
  • New: -10 pass chance granted to the newer species. If both species are new, then the -10 is removed and both are treated as standard pass rates.

Below is a list of all species and their tags in order of release date, with the first one being the first released species. In terms of species released together, they put in order of rarity:

  • Stalker Wyvern: Standard Pass Rate
  • Ravager Wyvern: Standard Pass Rate
  • Warden Dragon: Standard Pass Rate
  • Greater Emperor: Rare Pass Rate | Lore Rare
  • Sapiere Dragon: Standard Pass Rate
  • Ridgeback Drake: New Pass Rate
  • Abyssal Basileus: New and Rare Pass Rate
Coat Type

Souls has five coat types which covering a wide range of styles for your dragon!

  • Velour: This is a common coat. A smooth, small scaled build that is soft to the touch. The scales are hardly visible.
  • Plated: This is an uncommon coat. A more armored coat type, the plates are large and visible.
  • Feathered: This is an uncommon coat. A coat type with prominant feathers.
  • Angora: This is a rare coat. A long silky coat of fur covers the character.
  • Imperial: This is a mythic coat. A more dense and curled fur covers the character.

Pass rates are determined by the coat type and the rarity of the coat type.

  • Velour x Velour= 1-90 Velour, 91-95 Plated, 96-100 Feathered[90%| 5%| 5%|]
  • Velour x Plated= 1-78 Velour, 79-93 Plated, 94-98 Feathered, 99 Angora, 100 Imperial [78%| 15%| 5%| 1%| 1%|]
  • Velour x Feathered=1-76 Velour, 77-81 Plated, 82-96 Feathered, 97-98 Angora, 99-100 Imperial [76%| 5%| 15%| 2%| 2%|]
  • Velour x Angora= 1-74 Velour, 75-84 Plated, 85-94 Feathered, 95-97 Angora, 98-100 Imperial [74%| 10%| 10%| 3%| 3%|]
  • Velour x Imperial=1-70 Velour, 71-80 Plated, 81-92 Feathered, 93-96 Angora, 97-100 Imperial [70%| 10%| 12%| 4%| 4%|]

  • Plated x Plated=1-70 Velour, 71-90 Plated, 91-95 Feathered, 96-98 Angora, 99-100 Imperial [70%| 20%| 5%| 3%| 2%|]
  • Plated x Feathered=1-68 Velour, 69-83 Plated, 84-93 Feathered, 94-97 Angora, 98-100 Imperial [68%| 15%| 10%| 4%| 3%|]
  • Plated x Angora=1-62 Velour, 63-79 Plated, 80-91 Feathered, 92-96 Angora, 97-100 Imperial [62%| 17%| 12%| 5%| 4%|]
  • Plated x Imperial=1-58 Velour, 59-76 Plated, 77-89 Feathered, 90-95 Angora, 96-100 Imperial [58%| 18%| 13%| 6%| 5%|]

  • Feathered x Feathered=1-57 Velour, 58-72 Plated, 73-92 Feathered, 93-97 Angora, 98-100 Imperial [57%| 15%| 20%| 5%| 3%|]
  • Feathered x Angora=1-56 Velour, 57-73 Plated, 74-90 Feathered, 91-96 Angora, 97-100 Imperial [56%| 17%| 17%| 6%| 4%|]
  • Feathered x Imperial=1-52 Velour, 53-70 Plated, 71-88 Feathered, 89-95 Angora, 96-100 Imperial [52%| 18%| 18%| 7%| 5%|]

  • Angora x Angora=1-49 Velour, 50-68 Plated, 69-87 Feathered, 88-95 Angora, 96-100 Imperial [49%| 19%| 19%| 8%| 5%|]
  • Angora x Imperial=1-45 Velour, 46-65 Plated, 66-85 Feathered, 86-94 Angora, 95-100 Imperial [45%| 20%| 20%| 9%| 6%|]

  • Imperial x Imperial=1-40 Velour, 41-61 Plated, 62-82 Feathered, 83-92 Angora, 93-100 Imperial [40%| 21%| 21%| 10%| 8%|]
Traits (Eyes, Horns, Ears, and Tails)

All characters have traits, at a minimum these traits are always Horns and Eye traits. However some species such as the Ravager wyvern, have additional Tail and Ear traits. Species without these traits sometimes are given optional layers for special designed ears, or if your dragon has Corruption, they can have these traits applied/modified to them. All traits fit in one of four categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic. When traits pass, the rarity is what passes to the offspring. A random trait is then selected from that rarity and applied to the offspring.

  • Common x Common= 1-80 Common, 81-100 Uncommon [80%/20%]
  • Common x Uncommon=1-70 Common, 71-99 Uncommon, 100 Rare [70%/29%/1%]
  • Common x Rare=1-60 Common, 61-97 Uncommon, 98-99 Rare, 100 Mythic [60%/37%/2%/1%]
  • Common x Mythic=1-50 Common, 51-95 Uncommon, 96-98 Rare, 99-100 Mythic [50%/55%/3%/2%]

  • Uncommon x Uncommon=1-60 Common, 61-96 Uncommon, 97-100 Rare [60%/35%/4%]
  • Uncommon x Rare=1-45 Common, 46-85 Uncommon, 86-95 Rare, 96-100 Mythic [45%/40%/10%/5%]
  • Uncommon x Mythic=1-30 Common, 31-76 Uncommon, 77-90 Rare, 91-100 Mythic [30/45%/15%/10%]

  • Rare x Rare=1-30 Common, 31-65 Uncommon, 66-85 Rare, 86-100 Mythic [30%/35%/20%/15%]
  • Rare x Mythic=1-15 Common, 16-55 Uncommon, 56-80 Rare, 81-100 Mythic [15%/40%/25%/20%]

  • Mythic x Mythic=1-10 Common, 11-45 Uncommon, 46-75 Rare, 76-100 Mythic [10%/35%/30%/25%]

Mutations are all rolled out of a range of 1 to 2000. Mutations have many bonuses to assist in them passing:

  • Sire or Dam are Calm If the sire or dam are call, +25 points are added to the pass rate. If both are calm, the result is +50.
  • Sire/Dam Mutation: If the sire or Dam have a mutation +75 points are added to the pass rate. If both have a mutation, the result is +150.
  • Dragon's Eye: Dragon's Eye adds a total of 200 points to the pass rate.
  • All bonuses together give a combined amount of 400 points to any pass rates.

  • Common 1-50 [2.5% Chance]
    • Sire or Dam Calm 1-75 [3.75%]
    • Sire & Dam Calm 1-100 [5%]
    • Sire or Dam Mutation 1-125 [6.25%]
    • Sire & Dam Mutation 1-200 [10%]
    • Dragon's Eye 1-250 [12.5%]
    • All Bonuses 1-450 [22.5%]
  • Uncommon= 1-25 [1.25% Chance]
    • Sire or Dam Calm 1-50 [2.5%]
    • Sire & Dam Calm 1-75 [3.75%]
    • Sire or Dam Mutation 1-100 [5%]
    • Sire & Dam Mutation 1-175 [8.75%]
    • Dragon's Eye 1-225 [11.25%]
    • All Bonuses 1-425 [21.25%]
  • Rare= 1-15 Mutation passes [0.75% chance]
    • Sire or Dam Calm 1-40 [2%]
    • Sire & Dam Calm 1-65 [3.25%]
    • Sire or Dam Mutation 1-90 [4.5%]
    • Sire & Dam Mutation 1-165 [8.25%]
    • Dragon's Eye 1-215 [10.75%]
    • All Bonuses 1-415 [20.75%]
  • Mythic= 1-5 Mutation passes [0.25% chance]
    • Sire or Dam Calm 1-30 [1.50%]
    • Sire & Dam Calm 1-55 [2.75%]
    • Sire or Dam Mutation 1-80 [4%]
    • Sire & Dam Mutation 1-155 [7.75%]
    • Dragon's Eye 1-205 [10.25%]
    • All Bonuses 1-405 [20.25%]
Radiance and Agouti

Both Radiance and Agouti pass at a Mythic rarity chance, however the colors in each marking pass at varying levels.

  • Agouti
    • Petty: 1-20 [20%]
    • Common: 21-55 [35%]
    • Uncommon: 56-80 [25%]
    • Rare: 81-95 [15%]
    • Mythic: 96-100 [5%]
  • Radiance
    • Common: 1-40 [40%]
    • Uncommon: 41-70 [30%]
    • Rare: 71-90 [20%]
    • Mythic: 91-100 [10%]

Coat Colors

Coat colors are controlled by four categories: Bronze, Tarnished, Silver, and Obsidian. Some combinations of these coats can produce special colorations such as Golden and Melanistic color variants. The comination bb/tt/ss/nn can never occur in a character, in the event no coat color passes, the more common color option in the pairing will pass. For example, Silver x Obsidian, if nothing passes, Silver will pass.

The following coat colors are possible:

  • Bronze: Bb/tt/ss/nn | BB/tt/ss/nn
  • Tarnished: bb/Tt/ss/nn | bb/Tt/ss/nn
  • Silver: bb/tt/Ss/nn | bb/tt/SS/nn
  • Obsidian: bb/tt/ss/Nn | bb/tt/ss/NN
  • Gold: Bb/tt/Ss/nn | BB/tt/SS/nn | BB/tt/Ss/nn | Bb/tt/SS/nn
  • Tarnished Bronze: Bb/Tt/ss/nn | BB/TT/ss/nn | BB/Tt/ss/nn | Bb/TT/ss/nn
  • Tarnished Silver: bb/Tt/Ss/nn | bb/TT/SS/nn | bb/TT/Ss/nn | bb/Tt/SS/nn
  • Tarnished Gold: Bb/Tt/Ss/nn | BB/TT/SS/nn | BB/Tt/Ss/nn | BB/TT/Ss/nn | BB/Tt/SS/nn | Bb/TT/Ss/nn | Bb/TT/SS/nn | Bb/Tt/SS/nn
  • Melanistic Bronze: Bb/tt/ss/Nn | BB/tt/ss/NN | BB/tt/ss/Nn | Bb/tt/ss/NN
  • Melanistic Tarnished: bb/Tt/ss/Nn | bb/TT/ss/NN | bb/TT/ss/Nn | bb/Tt/ss/NN
  • Melanistic Silver: bb/tt/Ss/Nn | bb/tt/SS/NN | bb/tt/SS/Nn | bb/tt/Ss/NN
  • Melanistic Gold: Bb/Tt/Ss/Nn | BB/TT/SS/NN | And all other combinations of all active colors
  • Bb x bb= 1-55 bb, 56-100 Bb [55% / 45%]
  • Bb x Bb= 1-40 bb, 41-90 Bb, 91-100 BB[40%/50%/10%]
  • Bb x BB= 1-25 bb, 26-85 Bb, 86-100 BB[25%/60%/15%]
  • BB x bb= 1-45 bb, 46-100 Bb[45%/55%]
  • BB x BB= 1-15 bb, 16-80 Bb, 81-100 BB[15%/65%/20%]
  • Tt x tt= 1-60 tt, 61-100 Tt, - TT[60%/40%]
  • Tt x Tt= 1-45 tt, 46-90 Tt, 91-100 TT[45%/45%/10%]
  • Tt x TT= 1-30 tt, 31-85 Tt, 86-100 TT[30%/55%/15%]
  • TT x tt= 1-50 tt, 51-100 Tt [50%/50%]
  • TT x TT= 1-10 tt, 11-70 Tt, 71-100 TT[10%/60%/30%]
  • Ss x ss= 1-65 ss, 66-100 Ss [65%/35%]
  • Ss x Ss= 1-55 ss, 56-95 Ss, 96-100 SS[55%/40%/5%]
  • Ss x SS= 1-40 ss, 41-90 Ss, 91-100 SS[40%/50%/10%]
  • SS x ss= 1-55 ss, 56-100 Ss [55%/45%]
  • SS x SS= 1-30 ss, 31-85 Ss, 86-100 SS[30%/55%/15%]
  • Nn x nn= 1-75 nn, 76-100 Nn [75%/25%]
  • Nn x Nn= 1-65 nn, 66-98 Nn, 99-100 NN[65%/33%/2%]
  • Nn x NN= 1-50 nn, 51-95 Nn, 96-100 NN[50%/45%/5%]
  • NN x nn= 1-65 nn, 66-100 Nn [65%/35%]
  • NN x NN= 1-35 nn, 36-90 Nn, 91-100 NN[35%/55%/10%]
Marking Pass Rates

Common Markings

  • N x R=1-60 N, 61-100 R [60%/ 40%]
  • N x D=1- 35 N, 36 -100 R [35%/ 65%]
  • R x R=1-35 N, 36-90 R, 91-100 D [35%/ 55%/ 10%]
  • R x D=1- 15 N, 16-70 R, 71-100 D [15%/ 70%/ 15%]
  • D x D=1 - 80 R, 81-100 D [80%/ 20%]

Uncommon Markings

  • N x R=1-70 N, 71-100 R [70%/ 30%/]
  • N x D=1-55 N, 56-100 R, [55%/ 45%/]
  • R x R =1-50 N, 51-95 R, 96-100 D [50%/45 %/ 5%]
  • R x D=1-40 N, 41-90 R, 91-100 D [40%/ 50%/ 10%]
  • D x D=1-30 N, 31-85 R, 86-100 D [30%/ 55%/ 15%]

Rare Markings

  • N x R=1-96 N, 97-100 R [96%/ 4%/]
  • N x D=1-85 N, 86-100 R [85%/ 15%/]
  • R x R =1-80 N, 81-95 R, 96-100 D [80%/ 15%/ 5%]
  • R x D=1-65 N, 66-90 R, 91-100 D [65%/ 25%/ 10%]
  • D x D=1-45 N, 46-85 R, 86-100 D [45%/ 40%/ 15%]

Mythic & Legendary Markings

  • N x R=1-97 N, 98-100 R [97%/ 3%]
  • N x D=1-90 N, 91-100 R [90%/ 10%/]
  • R x R =1-85 N, 86-96 R, 97-100 D [85%/ 11%/ 4%]
  • R x D=1-80 N, 81-95 R, 96-100 D [80%/ 15%/ 5%]
  • D x D=1-60 N, 61-90 R, 91-100 D [60%/ 30%/ 10%]
Nesting Items
  • Aether Tonic
    • Increases the chance of the rarest trait category passing (ears/horns,eyes,tails only). Cannot choose the trait that passes.
    • Is removed on use, even if the rarest trait category does not pass.
    • 20 points added to chance of passing.
  • Breath Potion
    • Increases the chance of a breath passing down from a parent, or randomly if a breath is not present in the parents. Cannot choose the breath that passes.
    • Is removed on use, even if the breath does not pass.
    • Adds +30 points evenly to all breaths in passing.
  • Bottle of Color
    • Raises the chance of a coat color passing based on the bottle used.
    • Is removed on use, even if the bottle coat color does not pass.
    • Bronze: Adds 30 points to passing.
    • Tarnish Adds 25 points to passing.
    • Silver: Adds 20 points to passing.
    • Obsidian: Adds 15 points to passing.
  • Dragon's Eye
    • Increases the chance of a random mutation appearing on the offspring. Cannot choose the mutation that appears.
    • Is removed on use, even if a mutation does not appear.
    • Adds 200 points to passing mutations.
  • Dragon's Heart
    • Increases the chance of an extra egg in a nesting result.
    • Is removed on use even if it fails.
    • 40% chance of passing.
  • Dragon's Instinct
    • Adds a set bonus to a selected species chosen to pass to offspring. One parent must be that selected species. Usually corresponds to the rarity of the species. Species must be chosen by player.
    • Is removed on use, even if the chosen species does not pass.
    • +90 Points: Stalker Wyvern, Ravager Wyvern, Warden Dragon
    • +70 Points: Sapiere Dragon, Ridgewalker Drake
    • +60 Points: Greater Emperor, Abyssal Basileus
  • Dragon's Talon
    • Apply to a nesting for a chance at a random marking that the parent's don't have.Marking cannot be chosen.
    • Is removed on use, even if a random marking does not appear.
    • Fail to Pass: 35%
    • Common Marking: 30%
    • Uncommon Marking: 20%
    • Rare Marking: 10%
    • Mythic & Legendary Marking: 5%
  • Fertility Potion
    • Can be applied to a nesting to grant a 100% full nest. Is removed on use.
  • Gender Potion
    • Is removed on use, cannot fail.
    • Can be applied to a geno after nesting is rolled to change gender.
    • Can be used during nesting to change all offspring to a chosen gender (100% pass)
  • Orchid's Cleanser
    • Using this item allows the player to prevent a marking from passing down from the parents to the offspring in nesting.
    • The player must choose what marking is blocked.
    • A player may use as many of this item as they choose.
    • This item never fails, however it cannot be used on coat colors.
    • There is no selection in the roller for this item. Markings are removed post-roll.
  • Perfect Nest
    • An Aether Talent earned via Trial of Aether. If the character with this talent is used in a nesting, then the player may add up to one extra item in the nesting submission.
    • If both characters have the Perfect Nest talent, then two extra items may be added to the nesting submissions.
  • Radiance/Agouti Bond
    • Apply to choose the color of Radiance or Agouti that passes to offspring if the mutation passes.
    • Is not removed on use if agouti does not pass.
    • Passes 100% of the time, so long as Agouti or Radiance passes to the offspring.
  • Skill Charm
    • Increases the chance of a chosen skill from one or both parents to pass to the offspring. Skill must be chosen by the player and one parent must have the skill.
    • One charm can apply to one parent, so one charms will be needed per parent. However, only one charm counts towards the total number of nesting modifiers used.
    • Is destroyed on use even the chosen skills do not pass.
    • Adds +5 points to a chosen skill passing to offspring.
  • Soul Twine
    • Allows two same sex characters to nest together.
    • Never fails (Only nest failure occurrs from rank pairings with Fledgling).
  • Starter & Serpent Pet Bonus
    • If one parent is a starter, the minimum eggs in the nest is always 2.
    • If one parent is a starter, a nesting cannot result in failure.
    • If a Draco Boa pet is attached to any character, the minimum eggs in the nest is always 2.
    • If an Aberrant dragon is in the pairing an Aberrant Draco Boa must be attached to one parent to get the buff. A normal serpent cannot apply the buff.
    • There is no fail rate - Pets are not removed on use.
  • Temper Potion
    • Increases the chance of a chosen temper of passing to the offspring. Player must choose a temper to pass.
    • The temper choice must be a result of the combination of parent's tempers.
    • Is destroyed on used, even if the chosen temper is not passes.
    • Adds 40 points to the temper that passes.
  • Weak Fertility
    • 75% chance to remove an egg.
    • Weak fertility is applied to infertile dragons. A fertility potion can be applied to negate the effects.
    • Infertility cannot be removed, nor can it pass down to offspring unless the offspring are Inbred.

The follow items can be applied after the nesting results during or after design approval to change the genetic make up of a character. With the exception of Gender potion as it is listed above. These items never fail to be added, but may have restrictions.

  • Aberrant Tincture & Aberrant cleanser
    • Aberrant Tincture applies the Aberrant corruption to a character. Percent is based on the tincture applied.
    • 25%, 50%, and 100% aberrant tinctures exist, however you cannot double up a tincture to equal a higher number. To add a higher number you will need to provide a cleanser. You can provide a cleanser and a new percent in the same request.
    • Aberrant state edits must be added in design updates however the aberrant state does not have to be visible on a character.
    • Aberrant cleanser removes any aberrant state.
    • Both Can be applied during Design approval, however any line edits to the character caused by aberrant corruption must be done in design updates.
  • Aether Shard: Removes a skill or breath from a character. Applied After design approval.
  • Ancient Dragon's Blood
    • Applies a new marking, trait, or mutation to a character based on what rarity and type opens from the vial.
    • Can only be added to the Order of Draconis species.
    • One vial can be added upon design approval, with other slots opening up as the dragon levels. (Four slots total)
    • Only one of each rarity may be present on a dragon (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic, and Legendary).
    • Only two vouchers may be markings. Radiance and Agouti both count as markings for Dragon's blood.
  • Breath Elixirs
    • Applied After design approval in a claim or in design update if adding breath art.
    • Breath Elixirs can be applied to a character to give them a new breath.
    • Only two elixirs can be added to a character.
    • If a breath is present already, an Aether shard must be added to remove the original breath.
    • Dragon Tears & Corrupted Dragon Tears
      • Applied at any time during or after design approval.
      • Dragon tears can be used to remove a marking or mutation from a character permanently.
      • Dragon's tears can remove the rarer coat color from a character. For example, you can remove Obisidan from Melanistic Silver, but you cannot remove the Silver coat color.
      • Corrupted dragon tears an be used to remove an Ancient dragon's blood from a character. This opens up the Dragon's blood slot for use by the player once again. The originally applied Dragon's blood is not refunded.
    • Orchid's Blessing: Changes a visual marking on a character to a "carrier" marking. This allows the marking to remain in the phenotype, but not be visible o nthe design.
    • Orchid's Feather: An item that allows the player to change the species of a genotype only to that of one that matches a parent.
        • Can only be applied to Genotypes.
      Must be applied during design approval. Cannot be applied to already approved characters.
    • The offspring must remain in the Species Order.
    • If the offspring is being changed to a species with traits it did not have before, those new traits must be chosen from the common rarity tier. I.e. a stalker to a ravager will have an ear and tail trait. The player can pick any ones from the common tier, or apply Dragon's blood to change them to a different rarity tier.
  • Reaver's Essence
    • Is used to add a chosen mutation to a character.
    • Chimera is the only mutation that cannot be applied.
    • Check the design guide on Reaver's essence for more information as Reaver's Essence can change how a mutation behaves
    • Can be applied during design approval, however any edits to mutations must be done in design updates.
  • Skill tokens: Adds a skill to a character. Character have a limit to the number of skills that can be applied. Must be applied in a Claim, After Design approval.