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Obtaining your first character
The Moon Reef Shop

All new players are recommended to visit the Moon Reef shop. You will find two things in here for you:

  • A New player Package full of free goodies. 
  • A New Player Egg


Obtaining Additional Characters

 Like most ARPGs you can get more characters through a variety of means! Some ways are free and others are not. 

Genos from the Community

Members of the community often put up genos and characters for sale, trade, or other means of giving away. They may do this in this discord, in a dA journal, or in our forums! Remember to protect yourself when handling sales with other community members. We cannot assist you if you use real world currency and want that money back. We can however, step in to give strikes, warnings, and bans, as well as force transfer items and characters if their is valid proof that you have paid for the service. 

Slots and Nesting

All characters have nesting slots which let you breed two characters together and get more genos! Every character has to complete their Trials of Ouroboros to be able to nest with other characters. Once completed you will be able to submit a Nesting Slot Claim to give your character the amount of slots they need for their current level. These slots can be handed out to other players, or used for yourself. 

Remember! If your character does not have any slots or their trials completed, you cannot advertise slots available unless the payment for the slots is used to unlock more or complete the trials!

Adoption Center and Shop

In Souls-Between we have two types of adoption centers. The free Adoption Sanctuary where any member can adopt a character from once a month and the Adoption Shop where members can use ingame currency to purchase a surrendered geno. Both genos and characters can be adopted.

For those surrendering a geno or character, you have the option to also release a geno to the Wild Sanctuary. Characters cannot come back from this transfer!


Sales & Raffles

The final way to obtain a geno is from Sales and Raffles! We host our sales every season for a total of four sales a year. Each sale allows customs to be purchased, with our anniversary sale allowing for a wider range of options for character upgrades. We also host Raffles throughout the year, usually during events, which may include genos and customs. Lastly, during our sales and events, we sometimes have premade characters for auction, or an undesigned Advent MYO! Purchasing of "add ons" for prior purchased customs, or current designs is not a system we utilize. However, instead, we use an item called "Dragon's blood" to apply new genetic information to dragons.



Help I have a geno that is on DeviantArt, but not on the site!
Please submit a claim with a link to the geno and let us know the number if it is in a nesting! We will get it uploaded for your use on the site and mark it as registered to the site! There is no limit to the amount of genos you can register to the site from dA. You just have to own them.

Non Art/Lit Things to do!

Daily things are a great way to passivley get items and currency - it is a fun way to do things without having to make lots of art or literature! You just won't get XP or Stat points for doing these activities!

The Moon Reef

Click here to go to the Moon Reef shop!

the moon reef shop offers a few items you can purchase daily. These are generally loot boxes that give an assortment of items based on what kind it is! You need in game currency for this, but it can be helpful to have these items!


Click here to go to Scouting!

Scouting can be completed multiple times a day based on what areas you choose to scout in. You simply select a location and a character and you then you wait! After a while your character will return with an assortment of items (or a single item!). While you do not need to do art or literature for this, we also have a prompt submission where you can upgrade a region to gain more rewards! 


Click here to go the Dungeons! 

Dungeons are a PVE system where you battle critters and special starters in the game! All characters have stats and depending on your stats you will have better success in battle! You can increase your character stats by leveling them and playing the game! Characters can achieve low amounts of XP at random.



Daily things are a great way to passivley get items and currency - it is a fun way to do things without having to make lots of art or literature! You just won't get XP or Stat points for doing these activities!

The Veil Market

Click here to go to the Veil Market! (Coming soon!)

Monthly you can get certain items from the Veil market that may be hard to obtain! These items are often limited and pricey but may restock frequently to give everyone a fair chance.


Free activity submissions

You can select the free activities below in the associated prompts section!

Some activities that require art or literature also have a version that is free! These options do not require an art or literature submission, and have thir own prompt for submission.


Character of the Month

Click here to go the CoTM Forums!

Every player is encouraged to particpate in the character of the month! All players who particpate get put into a raffle with two winners. One who gets a premium loot chest, and the other an Aether bag!


These activities do not roll over, so if you don't use up your daily/monthly activities you will still have the base amount next cycle!


Associated Prompts