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How to Register
Filling out the Registration Form

Registering is the first step in joining Souls Between! Please note the following:

  • Signing up means you are agreeing to our terms of service.
  • A Google email is the recommended email provider to sign up with. If you do not wish to use a google email, there is a good chance your verification email will not arrive. If this happens, please join the discord and alert staff in the help forums.
    • If you have a tumblr or toyhouse account, you can opt to sign in using these services instead. Please keep in mind this may set your username to those services.
  • You must be 13 years of age or older to join our group. Anyone under 13 years of age who signs up will have their account temperarily deactivated until you turn 13 years of age. You will need to request staff assistance via discord.
  • Your date of birth is required, and on the first of your birth month you will receive a gift automatically. You can choose the visibility settings for your birthday. 
  • If you would like to change your username please ping Cryptid-Horror in the Discord server or submit a claim with your new name in the comments.

The last step is to authenticate your account.

Authenticating your Account

Once you have registered your account you will be able to sign in. If you register with your email address you will need to authenticate your account as well as verify your email address. The email address verification will be sent to your email, however in order ot authenticate your account you will need to select "Profile" and then "Settings." Authenticating your account allows you to use all services of the website, and is a way for us to avoid having bots take over! 

We have a variety of authentication methods and you can use one or all. For all account verification, make sure you signed into the account you wish to have tied to your Souls-Between account!

  • Discord Verification - you will be redirected to discord which will request permission to verify your account. 
  • DeviantArt Verification - you will be redirected to deviantart to verify your account. Some players may have two dA accounts with their dragons under the ownership of an "ARPG" account. If you wish to authenticate this one then all characters with you listed as the owner on dA will be transferredto your account automatically. 
  • Tumblr Verification - you will be redirected to tumblr for account verification. You can also use this as a login method. 
  • verification - you will be redirected to toyhou/.se for verification. You can also use this as a login method. 

You can also set one of these alias' as your primary - which is handy for those who may want to reach out to you! 

After this process is done you will have full access to the site and be able to begin playing! We recommend reading the next guide Getting Started after this one! 


It is recommended to join our discord! We have more active news updates and the change log can be seen in real time as we make any changes, fixes, or adjustments. This is not mandatory, however Discord usually gets sneak peaks and update alerts at a much faster pace than the website! Additionally, running into any issues with registration can be resolved quickly within the Discord!


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